Is It Cheaper To Vape Than Smoke?

Cheaper to Vape than Smoke?

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Cheaper to Vape than Smoke?

Since the rise of the E-Cig, people have been wondering about the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping.  So far, the effects on health have been largely unsubstantiated, there is an arena with concrete proof. When it comes to money, vaping is quite a bit cheaper than smoking under certain conditions.  Here is a little economic lesson to show why you may want to jump ship and join the vape train.

The first area that you should take into consideration is how much you smoke.  For the sake of argument, this article will use a standard pack of cigarettes each day for a baseline.  It will also use a baseline cost of six dollars per pack. Now, keep in mind, if you are in a major city, off shore, or in a high tax area, the cost per pack can soar up to ten or twelve dollars.  Generally, the average is between six and eight dollars.

The short and simple math here then reads:

$6 per pack x 365 days = $2,190/year  

Rounding this up to $2,200 gives a short lee way for buying lighters throughout the year.  If you choose to go with the disposable e-cigarettes you stand to have the same nicotine input at about an average of $1,400 a year.  That means the switch to a disposable will net you a grand total savings of $800. Imagine what you could do with this money? Keep in mind, if you are using E-Cigs as a method to quit, this is a cost-effective reduction.

On the other side, if you are wanting to keep up a vaping habit, E-cigs are not the way to go.   To get a small starter vape, you will look in the range of $30 to $40 depending on your area.  Keep in mind that vapes can cost hundreds of dollars when you take into consideration mods and enhancements.  The starter though is cost effective at just over the cost of a carton of cigarettes. Vaping does require a bit of initial cost, but that is offset by how much you save on cigs.

Vaping also requires two essential components, coils and juice.  The average coil will run around $5 and need to be replaced every two weeks.  This makes the cost of coils just at $130 for the entire year. The juice itself will be the most expensive component, because flavors and nicotine vary the cost.  On average, this article will use $12 for an average 15 ml bottle. For the calculation, one bottle will roughly last you a week. Think of one bottle replacing seven packs of cigarettes.

The math here becomes:

26 weeks x $5 coil + 52 weeks x $12 bottle = $754/year

This math goes to show that you can reduce the price of your habit from $2,190 per year down to $750.  That is almost a third of the cost for a similar amount of nicotine. The health benefits are leaning towards vaping being healthier, but here is proof on the money side.  If you switch to vaping, you could save over $1,400 every year. What will you do with your money when you switch?

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  1. Is there a (but now pay later) way to purchase vape products?” My son lives in Austin, Texas and often doesn’t have the extra to buy the set up but has bought little disposables of the salt nic ones but mostly bums regular cigarettes from his room mates. Since my guess I my husband and I quit smoking cigs 9 years ago we have a hard time being near those that do especially with my keen sense of smell due to my migraines. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 😊

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