It was just another Manic Monday…

I'm so glad today is Tuesday! Yesterday, I noticed a counterfeit check go through my online banking account, and then I wasn't able to check my snail mail since my key/lock broke (how I miss my mailbox connected to my house) And with the kids being home for the summer, they occupy a great part of my time, and less time to sit at the computer and look for deals!

On Sunday, I wanted to go to Sam's Club in Sioux City to stock up on some staple items (you know lasagna, pizza pockets, crab ragoons), so asked my sister if she wanted to ride along. Sure, as she wanted to go shopping at the mall for some clothes. My oh my, did she dink around at every store. I did buy a few tops at Deb's to wear to Miami next month, but I mostly sat around and waited for her.

I have been on a “reading books” kick, so picked up the following hard cover books (should last me months, if not years) for under $6 each at Barnes & Noble (bargain bin)…

Finally at 6:08 pm, she decided she wanted to go back to the first place we stopped for some shoes. They closed at 6 pm, and she was so upset. I remind her it was her own fault for dinking around, and then thought to myself, what if Sam's closed early on Sundays, too? Yep, 6 pm. Needless to say, I was now the upset one. The whole reason driving an hour away was now wasted.

Looks like I'll be heading back there soon (this time without my sister – hehe).

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