Kim Needs New Glasses. Again. Ugh.

Most people start to lose their near-sighted vision as the reach their forties. Not me. I'm losing my far-sighted vision, again. Those of you who are long time readers will know that I've had Lasik eye surgery not once, not twice, but three times. And no, I don't regret any of them. I went to my eye doctor today as I could tell my vision was starting to go again. I can see fine at home and sitting in front of the computer, but use glasses for driving and watching TV. Well, with my night blindness, driving at night is scary for not only me, but those around me!

The doctor confirmed what I already suspected: my eyesight is getting worse. My options are yet another Lasik enhancement or new glasses. I really didn't think another enhancement would be an option and already decided what kind of new eyeglass frames I wanted. When the doctor said if it were him, he wouldn't do another enhancement, I set off to find a new pair of frames.

I knew I wanted dark pink or purple plastic semi-rimless frames. I looked at the eye clinic, but they had none to be found. So I searched online, and think I found the perfect pair.

 Oupeng Sears Maroon & Rosy Red Eyeglasses

What do you think of this Oupeng Sears Semi Rimless frame?  With free shipping and coupons right on the site, I think I got a great deal. And upgrading to anti-reflective lenses was only an extra $7 (it is $100 at the eye doctor, I asked).

I know some of you are leery about ordering eyeglasses online (and I'm sure my optometrist may argue with me), but I've taken in every pair of eyeglasses I've ordered online whether they are for me or one of my daughters to have them double check that the prescription is correct and never had any problem.

I'll be sure to post an update (and mug shot) when I get my new specs!

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