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Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir
Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir

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I just finished reading Stephanie Klein’s book. She even created a list of “the perfect man for me” similar to my specifications. I liked her list so much, I decided to steal this point of hers and add it to my list.. Hearty sexual appetite, but not so much so that he is willing to stray. Obviously her and I both have experienced similar calamity.

Funny - He Doesn't Look Like a Murderer But Margie is Dead
Funny – He Doesn’t Look Like a Murderer But Margie is Dead

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Next up on the book agenda: Funny – He Doesn’t Look Like a Murderer But Margie is Dead by Shirley Pierce Bostrom I heard about the true-story book from my friend, Gayle, as the the story happened near her. Should be a twist of turns from the chick flicks I’ve been reading.

I’m headed to Colorado for Memorial Weekend to see my boyfriend (and he fits all my requirements), so I’ll have a chance to read at the airport. May go watch a pro-soccer game: Colorado Rapids vs Los Angeles Galaxy, but rumor has it pretty boy, David Beckham isn’t gonna show. I’m sure we’ll find other things to occupy our time. šŸ˜‰ One being, eating at Old Chicago; I’ve become infatuated with thier Meat Me pizza.

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