Christmas Items at Walgreen’s stores are 75% off, and that includes Food Items (note, these are not marked!). Yesterday, I stocked up on the following…
Libby’s Pumpkin 32¢
Heinz Gravy 37¢
Reese’s Chips 62¢
Marshmallow Creme 24¢
Oreo and Graham Cracker Pie Crusts 37¢

Also, look for Revlon Colorstay Always On Nail Enamel on Clearance for $3.19. In the January Easysaver (page 19) there is a Walgreens coupon for $3 off Revlon Colorstay Always On Nail Enamel. It wasn’t on clearance at the store I visited (was $5.99), but many have reported finding them. I could’ve used some nail polish for 19¢!