Old MacDonald Had A Farm Barnyard Birthday Party

Barnyard party themes appear be the hot trend for birthday parties! First, my nephew had a barnyard birthday party, and last weekend, Karyn had an Old MacDonald Had A Farm Birthday Party for her three kids that all have February birthdays. And she's letting me share her awesome ingenious creations if you're looking for ideas to host cute barnyard party, too!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm Cake & Cupcakes

As if the cute barn cake with animals and jumbo ho-ho cupcakes aren't cute enough, keep scrolling for great ideas for barnyard party food and farm animal party decorations!

Tractor Tires, Hay Bales & Cow Pie Farmyard Party Theme Food

Tractor Tires” (Oreos with M&M's), “Hay Bales” (Rice Krispies bars) and “Cow Pies” (No Bake Cookies) – yum!

Pretzel Chex Party Mix for Barnyard Theme Party

Chicken Feed” (Pretzel Chex Mix) in a cookie sheet makes a great barnyard party appetizer!

Animal Cookies in Pen for Farmyard Party

Cookies dressed up as farm animals in animal pen with cattle gates (Different flavors of Oreo cookies and Nutter Butter cookies). Keep reading for more specifics on how to create the edible animal faces.

Cow Tales Candy

Cow Tales candy is available from Amazon.

Tea, Water, Lemonade stands

Beverages: Tea, Water and Pink Lemonade, each served in a FarmStand 2.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with Galvanized Steel Frame.

Toy animals as decorations for barnyard birthday party

Tables decorated with plastic play cows, play horses, play pigs and other play toy animals eating from the homemade welded metal feed trough (made by her husband). Karyn had also made homemade farm toys, pallets made from craft sticks and feed sacks for the animals. Click here for a tutorial to make those.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm Birthday Cake

A closer look at the delicious farm birthday cake with a barn second-layer cake on top and decked out with more animal decorated cookies.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Cupcakes

There were nine February birthdays in their family, so Karyn made them each their own special birthday barnyard cupcake! Makes me wish I had a birthday in February! The cupcake stand was topped with an Old Macdonald Hand Puppet Book.

Barnyard Animal Cupcakes

The horse cupcake was made with a Nutter Butter cookie on top, peanuts for ears, and black frosting for the nose, mouth and mane detail. You can buy edible candy eyeballs (what a great, cheap invention)!

Cow Cupckaes

The cow cupcakes were made with regular Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (generic sandwich cookies would work just as well). The cow also has edible eyes and candy wafers with brown M&M's for the nose.

Lamb Cupcakes

The lamb cupcakes are made with marshmallows, pink sugar and black frosting detail. These lamb cookies would be super cute for Easter!

Chicken Cupcakes

The chicken cupcake toppers are lemon Oreo sandwich cookies (vanilla sandwich cookies would work) with yellow frosting, candy eyes, and candy corn for the beak (or you can use orange frosting).

Pig Cupcake

Last, but not least, for the cutest farm cupcakes ever, are the pig cupcake toppers with pink frosting, pink candy wafer, marshmallow ears and edible eyeballs.

Judging by the comments on Facebook, everyone was super impressed (as was I) with Karyn's mad creative (and cooking) skills! I'm sure her creations will inspire others to host the best barnyard birthday party ever!

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Click for barnyard party food and decoration ideas, such as these cute farm animal cupcakes!

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