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*I was not paid for this post since I did not personally review the product.

I've been blessed with good genes as my mother and grandmothers both didn't get gray hairs until later in life. And I *swear* that I don't have any grays either, but my cosmetologist daughter, Macy, tells me otherwise. When she needed a model for beauty school and needed new clients at her first job, she convinced me that I needed to color my hair. So, of course, I had to do my motherly duties. 🙂

When I was approached to be a blogger for the eSalon Blog Tour Campaign through the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, I thought it was a good opportunity as they offered me not only free product to review, but compensation* as well (this is how most bloggers make money). And I figured I was probably due to color my hair again. I will not confirm nor deny if I actually saw a gray hair sprout out of my temple (and don't look in the trash can for evidence).

Macy hates when I use non-salon products on my hair. Even though we have huge stockpiles of haircare products at our house, Macy still buys me products from a professional beauty supply store (because she knows I would never spend that much money on shampoo and conditioner). Since eSalon claims to carry salon-grade products, I figured Macy would approve, and I placed my order.

The ordering process was straight-forward and easy. They offer new customers 50% off so they can get their first order for only $10 through this link.

After I placed my order, I got an email from their Influencer Marketing Manager if I could schedule a call with their head stylist to make sure that they send me exactly what I was looking for. I replied that the times she offered didn't work (since I was babysitting the coolest nephew ever), but she call a different time or email the questions. I prefer email to phone calls anyway.

The stylist had thought the color that I picked out (Darkest Brown) might be a bit too dark. I replied that my daughter is a cosmetologist and always colors my hair just one shade away from black because my hair is really dark, so do please send the darkest brown.

eSalon personalized instructions

I then received my #MadeForYou box from eSalon complete with personalized instructions for me (Kim Rowley).

eSalon order

The eSalon box included:

  • 1 bottle of color + developer
  • Packets of shampoo + conditioner
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Stain guard + remover
  •  Color tint brush

The day after my eSalon order arrived, Macy came home for a couple of days, so I asked if she wanted to dye my hair. She said she didn't have any supplies with her, but I replied that I had some hair color from an online salon to review. And that's when she said, “It better not be from eSalon.”

Facebook Rant about eSalon

She then shared the Facebook post that one of her friends, a fellow cosmetologist, posted a day earlier.

Do NOT color your hair at home with eSalon. I can guarantee you that you will be sitting in my chair, if not someone else's chair, paying another $120-$160 getting it fixed. If you're not professionally trained to work on hair, you will not know anything about the products you're putting in to your hair. Just don't. Please.

Macy told me she would disown me as her mother if I even thought about using the eSalon hair color. Needless to say, I had to choose keeping Macy as a daughter over coloring my hair with eSalon products. I don't have any gray hair anyway, right?!

Since I can't give a personal review of eSalon, I suggest you google other eSalon reviews before deciding for yourself.

*After submitting this post for review, I was asked not to post it. I was also told I would not be paid. I am always 100% honest with my readers. Payment may influence the topics I write about, but money will not influence my opinions. I spent time writing this post and believe it may still be helpful to some of my readers, so I am posting it with no compensation.

P.S. They told me to feel free to throw the product away.

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