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Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

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Are you planning a vacation this summer but having trouble finding affordable options?  Whether you are planning on flying, driving, or staying at home for your vacation, there are many methods of keeping it within budget. Try the following tips for a cheap summer vacation.

1. Take a Drive

Go somewhere you can drive to, although the prospect of driving may not be the most appealing, it can save you tons of money in plane tickets, especially if you are traveling with family. Doing a little research on attractions near your town will help you decide some fun activities you can do nearby without flying out of town.

2. Try Discount Travel Sites 

If you must fly try discount travel sites like Kayak, Priceline, or Expedia. These sites will scan several different airline prices to find the lowest ones. Don’t forget to use any travel miles you may have accrued by using various credit cards or frequent flyer miles.

3. Try the “staycation.”

In some cases you just can’t budget for an out of town vacation and it may be easier to stay at home. More often than not a stay at home vacation can be less stressful in terms of travel arrangements and monetary commitment than a vacation away from home. Just be sure to treat it as a vacation and not just time off. Instead of lounging around the house in your pajamas, make it special by planning daily activities like going to the zoo, going hiking or camping, or visiting local landmarks. This can be a great opportunity to reconnect with what brought you to your town or city in the first place.

4. Ask Your Friends 

Ask your friends if they have a timeshare or vacation house you can stay in for a few days. You might be surprised by how many people you know that have timeshares or vacation homes they don’t have time to use. Many rent out to other vacationers during the year, but if you let them know your plans well ahead of time, they may be inclined to give you a discount or free stay in their vacation home.

5. House swap

House swap with friends across the country or stay with them. Staying in a friend or relative’s home while they are on vacation (or vacationing in your house) is a good way to save money on hotels. This is also another great option for those who just can’t do the staycation this year. If you have to get away, check with a few friends across the country.

Whether they have a house or apartment (without roommates), if your friend is planning a budget friendly vacation they may be interested in a house swap. Put your feelers out there and see if any of your long distance pals might be interested.

6. Plan ahead.

Knowing what activities you are planning to do and where you will go during your vacation can save you a bundle. Spur of the moment spending or impulsive decisions can cost you if you didn’t budget for it. Make an informal itinerary for your trip and stick to your guns.

7. Go to a grocery store for snacks.

Instead of eating out for every meal and snack, try buying smaller meals, snacks, and drinks at the grocery store. This is not to say you shouldn’t enjoy the food of your travel destination, however, you can make eating more wallet friendly if you buy a portion of it at grocery stores.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.