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Seacret Nail Care Collection Kit Ocean by Seacret

I promised my daughter, Macy, the other day that she could go shopping while we were in Omaha for a doctor’s appointment for her. Her hard-earned babysitting money has been burning a hole in her pocket, and she insisted she needed new clothes for the upcoming county fairs.

We went to Westroads Mall where she went one way, and I went the other and kept tabs via cellphones. My first stop (after the little girls’ room) was Cinnabon – only to find out they were shut down! My mouth had been salivating for a Cinnabon since lunch at Le Peep where I intentionally did not order a cinnamon roll and left room for a Cinnabon.  Oh well, my hips didn’t need one anyway.

While walking past the Seacret Spa kiosk, the saleman man offered me to try their lotion. No, thank you. I was in no need for a sales pitch, but then he complimented my fingernails asking if they were real.  I’m a sucker for compliments, and yes my nails are real!  I used to bite my nails until I discovered Nail Tek and have been faithfully using that for years.

The All NEW Seacret Ocean Dead Sea Nail Kit - Therapy and Shine for Your NailsHe talked me into giving him “just 15 seconds” of my time for him to show me something.  And he had a sexy accent, so okay. He took the Nail Tek polish off my right thumb and used the Seacret Ocean Dead Sea Nail Kit (buffer and cuticle oil).  I have to admit that I’m not easily amazed, but I was amazed, as my right thumb now looked better and shinier than the rest of my nails! And in 15 seconds (him and I counted together). And then he let me try it myself on my left thumbnail, and it looked as good as the right. I felt like I was on an infomercial. RIP Billy Mays.

I was practically sold, except for the price! $69.95 included a custom-designed buffing block / nail file (with lifetime warranty), nourishing cuticle oil (free refills), and lotion (your fragrance choice). I declined, so of course, he wants immediately drops the price to $59.95. Still no deal, as I didn’t come to the mall to shop for myself!  As I decline again, he offers TWO complete sets for $59.95.  Not a bad deal, but if they offer a lifetime warranty and free refills, what do I need a second set for?

I told him I’d think about it, and he continued to follow me “Wait, wait…” I’m wondering how low he would go on the price had I stopped.  But I did think about it – I knew I’d come home and research it and look for it even cheaper! And I did!

Amazon’s price is $33.95 with Free Shipping (and no tax for most) with a list price of $69.95 (so he was correct on that).  But I wanted it for less!

Next up, good ‘ole! Dozens of offers listed the Seacret Nail Kit for under $20 shipped! Guess where I ordered mine?? Yep, Ebay was the winner, winner, chicken dinner! Now I can’t wait to try it on all my nails!

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