The Cheapskate’s Guide to Travel

The Cheapskate's Guide to Travel

For frugal individuals, traveling can seem a costly endeavor, leading them to avoid it for fear of chipping away at the nest eggs they have worked so hard to amass. Instead of becoming a homebody for fear of having to open your wallet and shell out some cash, consider some of the money-saving options you could employ to bring travel more into your budget and make your seeing-the-world dreams an affordable reality.

Saving with a Package

While a lot of deal hunters assume that they will get the biggest bang for their bucks by scouring the Internet for deals, often great deals are found in the form of travel packages. Before you dismiss travel packages loaded with extras, spend some time studying some of the options. Though some packaged travel experiences do contain extra bells and whistles, others are relatively bare-bones and feature a superb rate. Though you want to save as much money as possible, don’t be overly stingy when buying your travel package and immediately dismiss every extra. Some extras, such as a short term medical insurance policy, are actually worth it, so read the fine print as you pick the specifics of your packaged travel deal.

Travel During Off Season

When you travel in high season, you will pay a premium for doing so. Instead of planning all of your trips for the most popular times to travel – and likely finding yourself in the midst of a sea of tourists while on your trip – consider traveling during less popular times. Fall, for example, is often a highly affordable time to travel as families aren’t traveling as heavily during this season because the kids are back in school. Early spring can also be a money saving time, as resorts are just opening up and are eager to hook guests. To ensure that you get the best deal, ask about high and low seasons when calling resorts or destinations that you are considering visiting.

Pack Some Snacks

Food is notoriously overpriced in tourist areas. Instead of finding yourself forced to buy a $5 bottle of water as dehydration threatens to do you in, think ahead and pack some snacks.

By buying your own snacks doing so, you can save your money for more expensive meals at good restaurants.

Skip the Tourist Strip

Nearly all destinations have a strip full of shops and attractions intended to catch the eye of tourists. Instead of allowing yourself to be pulled into this row of shiny buildings, forego the tourist traps entirely. More often than not, these intended-for-tourist stops are full of over-priced and low-quality goods that you don’t really want anyway. Instead, ask an insider to guide you to more tucked-away restaurants and shops that likely offer better quality goods and a less-tourist-filled environment.

You will have to spend some money when you travel. Regardless of how skilled you may be at maintained your miserly exterior, this is an inevitability. You do not, however, have to break the bank. Be smart when traveling and you can save dollars and cents, making it less painful and reducing the amount of money you have to part with while seeing the world.

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