Throwback Thursday: Potholder Loom

I wasn't aware of the “Throwback Thursday” fad until my daughter posted a photo of me at age fifteen to Instagram. Gotta love the 80's big bangs and Sun-In highlights!  Since then I've seen lots of other reminiscing days past with the #TT hashtag, including my son being a smartass.

So when I found my old potholder maker loom thingie when cleaning out my dad's house after he died, I thought I should blog about this vintage craft maker. And it's Thursday, so hey!

Vintage Potholder Maker

Who else remembers these potholder looms?  I was surprised to find all the parts, including the metal hook and lots of extra bands should I want to make more if I can remember how to loop together the ends. If I remember correctly, it's like crocheting?  And can you believe my daughters didn't seem interested in learning how to make them?

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Well, if you're so inclined, I see that Amazon sells similar potholder looms.

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