Unique Gifts Ideas to “Wow” Your Valentine

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Romantics and non-romantics alike will soon be crowding in the greeting card aisles and scouring the stores for a Valentine’s Day gift to give to their sweetheart. Although there’s nothing wrong with a card, candy and flowers, something that’s more unique shows that you took the time to put some extra thought and effort into the gift you selected. If you’re truly lost on how to find the right gift for your Valentine, here are some unique suggestions that will “wow” her every time. Pick one or a combination of them to sweep her off her feet, and show her how you feel.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A Special Keepsake.

If you’re handy or crafty, you can make a unique Valentine’s Day gift with mementos you’ve saved from times you’ve enjoyed together. Make a decoupage tabletop or chair seat using ticket stubs or photos you two have collected. Frame a special picture from vacation, and then use mini-frames to give her framed tickets, postcards or brochure pictures that complement the main photo.

Designer Beachwear.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming beach vacation or not, stylish beachwear can make the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart. Don’t worry about being limited only to swimsuits; you can select a stylish cover-up, beach dress, skirt or resort wear.

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An Active Valentine’s Day.

A true love that enjoys activity and adventure isn’t likely to be wowed by candy and flowers. Instead, give the gift of active participation by planning a day doing her favorite activity or one that you’ve both wanted to try. As you enjoy the time together, you’ll also create memories that last far beyond the day.

Couple’s Portrait.

Couples that have been together for many years may have a hard time figuring out what to get each other for Valentine’s Day. Rather than getting lazy or allowing the special day to become lost in the shuffle of normal life, set time aside to give a gift that you can enjoy and recall for years to come…go have your portrait taken by a professional photography. The style in which you get dressed should reflect who you are as a couple, and can range from wearing your favorite team’s jerseys to dressing in formal evening attire.


Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for many years to come by giving your true love a unique gift that shows you were thinking specifically of her. She’ll feel special and will recognize the extra efforts you made to make her happy. If you still want to give flowers and candy, make them extras, instead of giving them as the main gift. A special and unique Valentine’s Day gift shows her how lucky she is to have someone who loves her enough to go the extra mile to give a gift that’s as special and unique as she is.

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Unique Gifts Ideas to "Wow" Your Valentine

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