When is the Best Time to Buy Clothes for Less?

It’s that time of year again. Time to start back to school clothes shopping for your kids. No matter how many years you go through this, you’ll never stop being flabbergasted by the price tag. 

When is the Best Time to Buy Clothes for Less

There’s got to be a way to come out cheaper. There is if you would shop throughout the year instead of at one set time. You’ve got to look for opportunity and sales. This rule doesn’t just apply to your kids but yourself as well if you need a new wardrobe. 

To help you shave some expense off your shopping, check out this guide on the best time to buy clothes and save.  

1. Best Day of the Year to Buy Clothing

The best day of the year to go clothes shopping and run into sales is Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas. You'll have to fight with the crowd who are returning gifts they don't want but it's well worth it. 

The problem is that other people got the sales memo too. This means if you wait to go on the 27th or later all of the good stuff is going to be picked over. 

2. Shop When the Season Changes

Every time the seasons change, stores rotate their stock by putting their new stuff on the floor and tossing the old stuff on the sales rack. These stores want this stuff to get picked off so the prices will be super nice. 

So when the winter turns into the spring, the spring to summer, and summer to fall, head to the store. It may be hard to ignore all of the cute new styles but once you see that 75% off sign, those full-price clothes will drift to the back of your mind. 

3. Cyber Monday 

If you tend to go out on Black Friday to go shopping, you may be better off waiting for Cyber Monday. MSGM Kids and other websites tend to run great sales around this time. Way better ones then you would have gotten on Friday. 

Most places offer very specific sales on Black Friday. With Cyber Monday it's usually 50% off or so sitewide. You can pretty much put whatever you want in your cart and then pop in a promo code. 

It's that easy and you know what the best part is? You won't have to worry about getting trampled. 

4. Picking Up Certain Items 

Now that you know the best times of year to pick up stuff in general, we're going to get a bit more specific. Here are is how to get the best deal on certain clothing items.  

Winter Coat

Everyone in your family is going to need a good winter coat. If your kids are starting to outgrow theirs or you want to toss out your old one then you'll need to head to the store in January or February. This is pretty late winter which is why it's such good timing. 

The way stores figure it is anyone who needs a coat has one by now. So, big winter coats go on sale so they can get rid of them and get ready to bring in the spring stock. 

Keep in mind that the later you go, the fewer coats you'll have to choose from. You may want to go closer to January than February.  


There are two times a year that are good to pick up a new pair of sneakers. One is November because retailers are trying to make room for their stock of winter boots. 

The other is during April because this is around the time where the weather is nice enough for joggers to go out and about again.


If you need a suit then you'll want to hit the stores in January. This is a slow month for suit sales so stores that sell them will put out some great prices to draw you in. 

Swim Suits 

When the summer starts you'll usually find plenty of sales on swimsuits. You may find even better prices around August-September though. 

Around this time if there are still some swimsuits laying around, department stores will hack down the prices and put them on the sales rack out of desperation to get rid of them. 


Every child needs pairs of jeans during back to school. You want to wait until after August to go shopping for them though, so head to the store around September-October. 

These months aren't exactly popular for denim and the back to school sales are over. Stores will put jeans in the sales area so they can sell through them. 


Diamonds are a girl's best friend and so are savings. If you want accessories to go with your outfits but don't want to spend a lot then go during February. There are tons of sales going on due to Valentines Day.  

Athletic Apparel

If you got a gym membership and need to pick up athletic clothes and gear, you'll need to go around May. The weather is starting to warm up enough to go out and workout again around then. Stores are content to take advantage of that. 


Stores take the old saying April showers bring May flowers pretty literally. They tend to stock up on them and put them on sale as fast as they hit the shelves.

There is only a limited time to push them out after all. They've only got a month. 

Best Time to Buy Clothes and Not Spend a Bunch of Money 

It can be expensive to buy your kid's clothes all at once when school starts back. It can also be expensive to replace your wardrobe if you wait until all of your jeans have holes before you do. 

If you go shopping at the right time though then you'll be able to take advantage of some nice sales. Use this guide to find the best time to buy clothes and never pay full price for anything again. 

Your clothes aren't the only thing in life that you save money on. Check out our blog for more savings tips! 

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