All-In-One Store Rebates

Yesterday, with my coupon box in tow, my friend and I ventured to Norfolk (Nebraska) to go shopping. Living in a town (er, village) of 1700, Norfolk is the next best thing to a city, but at only 20,000 population, it is still small for most.

I was able to do all the Free-After-Rebate (FAR) Offers from Walgreens's, ShopKo and Menards. I so wish I lived near a CVS or Rite-Aid! I always opt for store credit on Walgreens & Shopko (to get the 10% bonus), and Menards almost always issues store credit. So, I just use my store credit postcards to buy more FAR items! If I would happen to go over my amount, I use my Menards credit card so I can receive the free coupons with the invoice plus earn 1% rebate, but I always pay it off immediately to avoid interest charges.

I was also able to get the Free Neutrogena Soap at Target and Free Celestial Seasonings Tea at Walmart with no problem. Even though you can print unlimited copies of the coupons, my friend and I only used one coupon per purchase.

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