Card Smarts: 5 Best Store Credit Cards for Savvy Shoppers in 2019

In America, 36% of people use their credit cards to shop at department stores and 47% use it for online shopping

Some store credit cards are great for saving money and some are better suited to build credit. Discover our five best store credit cards for 2019 now.

Some store credit cards are great for saving money and some are better suited to build credit. Discover our five best store credit cards for 2019 now.

1. Gap Visa

When you first sign up for your Gap Visa, you'll get 20% off your first online order as well as free shipping. Because this credit card is associated with two brands, you can also use this one outside of the Gap store as well. 

With this credit card, you can earn five points for every $1 you spend at Gap, as well as Banana Republic and Old Navy. For anywhere else, you get one point per one dollar. 

When you reach 500 points, you'll receive a $5 reward. There are other benefits and other reward promotions the longer you have this card.

The APR for this card is 26.99%, along with no annual fee.  

2. Target RedCard

The Target REDcard offers a 5% discount with each purchase online and in-store. This also includes the Starbucks that are in the store. You don't need any number of points to be able to access these savings; it is automatically applied to your purchase when you use this credit card.

This card also comes with free shipping from On top of this, you get an extra month to return items that you have bought. As with the Gap card, there is no annual fee. The APR is 24.90%. 

3. Amazon Prime Rewards Card

If you are one of the frequent shoppers on Amazon, you may want to consider getting their credit card.

With this card, you can get 5% back on Amazon purchases. For other restaurants, drug stores, and gas stations you will earn 2%. Any other purchases will earn you 1%. There is no annual fee with this card, but you will need to pay for a Prime membership. 

This APR is 27.99%. 

4. Costco Anywhere Visa Card

This card also offers great benefits, such as 4% cash back for gas purchases up to $7,000 a year. You can earn 3% cash back when you travel or eat out, and you will get 2% cash back on Costco purchases. For everything else, you will get 1%. 

You will need a Costco membership to have this card, and the APR is 17.24% with no annual fee attached.

However, you will need an excellent credit score to qualify for this card.

If you can't apply for this credit card, a Comenity card may be more beneficial if you shop at Costco a lot. Check out this article by CardGuru to learn more.

5. Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy also has a great card that let you earn rewards you can later apply to purchases at their store. You can also have the option to finance your purchase.

With this card, you get 10% back on your first purchase. After that, you have the option of choosing between getting 5% back or to finance your purchase. 

The APR for this card is 27.24%. 

Get These Best Store Credit Cards Today

Getting one of these best store credit cards can help you improve your credit. If you already shop at these stores, opening one of these accounts may help raise your credit score.

For more tips on how to improve your credit, read this blog here

The Five Best Store Credit Cards

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