Credit Cards Can Be Good Thing

Credit Cards Can Be A Good Thing

When I got divorced a few years ago, I canceled most of my charge cards since my ex-husband’s name was associated with them. At first, I didn’t apply for new cards thinking I didn’t need them. But I realized I was missing out on a lot of savings!

The first card I reapplied for was Menard’s Big Card. I like to do their Free-After-Rebate (FAR) Offers. The rebates come in the form of Store Credit, and I just use those postcards towards my next FAR shopping trip. If I owe more money than I have store credit for, I put the remaining balance on my Big Card. The reason being (1) I get a 1% rebate back at the end of the year and (2) the monthly statements always includes coupons for free items with purchase. I always pay off the balance every month (usually only a few dollars anyway) to avoid finance charges.

The latest card I just reapplied for was JCPenney’s Credit Card. I realized that I was no longer receiving those highly coveted $10 off any order coupons in the mail, and wondered if it was because I was no longer a card holder. My first benefit I just received was a postcard to pick up their Christmas Gift Book (regularly $4) for free. My three girls have already ear-marked thousands of dollars in items that they want for Christmas! Isn’t that why they call it a wish book?

Now I just got notice that my Chase Visa card is no longer offering rewards, so I am shopping for a new card with benefits. There are so many choices! I’ll let you know when I find the perfect one.

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