Fashion Advice: What to Wear to Prom and Look Good

Prom is one of the most exciting and amazing days in a young woman's life. Many American families spend a lot of money to ensure that their darling daughter has a wonderful time on this special day.

what to wear to prom

But, you risk a lot of embarrassment if you make mistakes with your prom dress. There are so many prom dresses on the market, it's easy to make the wrong choice.

Our advice could be the difference between you going home early and being crowned the prom queen. Check out our tips on what to wear to prom below.

1. Start Prom Dress Shopping

When do you start thinking about your prom dress? You can usually get a dress last minute. But, it won't be exactly what you've been looking for.

You don't want to risk getting an imperfect dress for your prom. Make sure you plan your prom dress shopping early.

You can usually purchase prom dresses as early as January before the summer prom. The earlier you plan your shopping days, the better.

You never know how college applications and exams are going to creep up on you. Before you know it, you don't have any time to go prom dress shopping.

If you're buying a prom dress online, you spend plenty of time searching around for your ideal gown. This should also allow you to set a budget and save for your dress.

2. Understand Your Body Type 

Every woman is a different body shape. When you're shopping for your prom dress, you need to always keep this in mind.

You may want to dress in a mermaid dress, but if you're an apple shape, this wouldn't be recommended by any fashion guru.

Recognizing your body type isn't always the same as your favorite style of dress is part of the journey of learning how to dress stylishly.

Check yourself out! Are you a “top-heavy” apple-shaped woman? Would you consider yourself more of a pear-shaped figure?

Picking the right dress for your shape can ensure that you feel comfortable and confident when you step into the prom party.

This isn't about hiding away any faults. It's most of all about promoting your best bits. Don't be ashamed of strutting your stuff! 

3. Confidently Express Yourself 

Your dress should say something about you. Expressing yourself through your prom dress is really important.

You may want to focus on how the dress emphasizes your fun and joyful side with a bright-colored cocktail dress.

Instead, concentrate on your sophistication with a sheath style ball gown dress which shows your classy personality.

It could also be all about the material. Silky and curvy dresses can tell onlookers that you're open to flirting and ready to party.

Think carefully about whether your chosen prom dress conveys the right message. This is ultimately what convinces you to buy the dress.

4. Make Sure It Fits Perfectly 

There's nothing worse than a baggy prom dress. You don't want your dress to be too tight around your waist either.

You need to ensure that your prom dress doesn't just match your shape. It's got to be perfectly fitting to make you look your best.

You should be able to find videos online to work out the measurements for the perfect prom dress. 

If necessary, you may need to consider hiring a seamstress to alter your prom dress. It's amazing what they can do to make sure your dress fits well.

Once you get your dress, make sure you don't change in weight or size. If you don't stick to your regular diet before your prom, you could find that you struggle to fit in your prom dress. 

5. Always Read Reviews Before You Buy

You definitely need to think carefully about where you buy your dress.

If you simply buy your gown from the first store you come across, you cannot guarantee you're going to like it when you get it home. 

Shopping for prom dresses online allows you to order your dress from a reliable and affordable seller. Make sure you don't get conned into buying a poor quality dress.

Always pay attention to the Instagram pages of the store so that you can imagine how you're going to look in this dress.

If you're still convinced, checking reviews online can always give you an indicator of whether the prom dresses are worth the money.

Around 91 percent of consumers use online reviews. You're missing out on the opportunity to securely buy your prom dress if you don't check reviews.

6. Accessorize Your Prom Outfit 

Just because you have your prom dress ready, that doesn't mean that you're finished getting ready for the special occasion.

You also need to make sure you have accessorized your outfit. What are you going to wear around your neck or on your ears?

You may want to purchase new accessories to go with your prom dress. Alternatively, you may have a family heirloom that you're eager to wear.

But, also think about your shoes and bag. Are you going to even use a small handbag? You could even go bagless with your smartphone in hand.

7. Complete Yourself With a Bunch of Flowers

Your prom dress isn't complete without a bunch of flowers. This is a huge tradition for proms. 

But, which are your flowers of choice?

You may want to grab the attention of everyone with a large tropical flower or a subtle and elegant rose.

Remember, there are numerous meanings attached to different flowers. Make sure you always do your homework before leaving the wrong impression. 

Now You Know What to Wear to Prom

If you've been struggling to decide what to wear to prom, then you no longer have any problems. Follow our guide to look your best on this special day.

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