Guest Post: Easy Ways to Save Money

There are several expenses associated with shopping for gifts or household goods. In addition to the price of the merchandise, you also have to pay sales tax and shipping and handling or the gas to get to the store. Fortunately, there are ways to save money through smart shopping.

Second-Hand Goods

Avoid sales tax and let someone else cover depreciation by buying used. From Craigslist and online sellers to garage sales, you can pick up great vacuums, toys, and other household goods for a fraction of their regular price. You will save money on the retail price, and you won’t have to pay any annoying taxes. Whether you hit the local thrift store or search for deals on eBay, you can find great prices and save money on sales tax.

Take Advantage of Tax Specials

Some states offer special tax breaks at the start of a new year or when the kids are gearing up to start school again after summer vacation. If your state offers these specials, take advantage of them to save money. While these specials don’t cover all items, they can help you save a good deal of money on the items you need.

Use the Internet

The best deals can sometimes be found on the Internet. Not only will you find the best available prices on the goods you want, but you can also save money by taking advantage of offers for free shipping. Even if you have to pay the shipping, you will save time and money by not having to drive to the store. The best part is that you can avoid sales tax by choosing a vendor that doesn’t charge it. Not only can you save with new vendors, but you can even save with your favorite stores. Companies like Barnes & Noble have online businesses that are separate from the brick and mortar stores, and they don’t charge sales tax.

Make it an Outing

If you live near a state with no sales tax, then you can make a trip across the border to do some shopping. Make a day of it, so the trip will be worth the extra effort. While this isn’t the best choice if you only need a few small items, it can turn into a substantial savings if you are buying a new wardrobe for back to school.

Saving money is easy when you look in the right places. Avoid sales tax to instantly save money on every purchase, and look at second hand stores to get the best deals on the goods you need. With a little research and the power of the Internet, you can enjoy buying your favorite items while also lowering expenses.

Teresa Martinez is a freelance blogger who investigates ways to save on taxes. Teresa recommends using a tax credit calculator to get the best savings out of next years taxes.

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