3 Original Digital Gifts That Don’t Require Shipping

digital gifts

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Giving gifts in person is a nice tradition, but only if you are not separated from each other by hundreds of kilometers. With Valentine ’s Day coming, it’s high time you thought about original gift & postcards ideas for those who are far away from you. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, nowadays everything seems possible. You can send a digital gift instead of a physical one.

digital gifts

What is a virtual or digital gift? In fact, this is the same gift. The only difference is that it exists in a virtual space, you can touch it or put on the shelf. However, a virtual present meets all the requirements you apply to a usual gift:

  • It emphasizes the relationship;
  • It can make a person happy.

Probably, because of the high similarity with the traditional gift, gifts from the network are becoming increasingly popular.

What may become a digital present?

There are thousands of digital gift ideas. We’ve collected the best ones here. All those presents are easily done, but they leave a lasting impression.

An original e-card

Does anyone send postcards anymore? We doubt so. There are so many newsstands with all kinds of postcards everywhere that you won’t surprise anyone with a physical card. Another thing is an electronic card. It costs almost nothing, but the idea behind it may be really stunning. For example, a may be an animated card with your or your addressee’s face. Have a look at the website jibjab.com, here are lots of crazy ecard templates. Attach an original greeting or even a poem to your card, and your gift become unforgettable!

An amazing screensaver or collage

Often young people want to know what kind of virtual gifts they can make to their girlfriends, and they get an unexpected answer – flowers. Surprising, isn’t it? There is a way out: a small PC program called a screensaver. They can be installed on a computer and launched with a combination of buttons.

For example, such a gift can be a vase with a flowering plant. Your girl will water it with the mouse. Thus, the “flower” will grow. If you forget about it, the flower, like its real counterpart, will wither.

For a boyfriend, a girl can create a photo collage. Select thematic pictures and, using a special software like Windows Movie Maker, make a short clip. It is possible to add your favorite song to the background.

A ingenious video gift

A video gift is a personalized video clip for the hero of your holiday, created from a mix of photos, pictures, video clips and text phrases (comments, greetings, and wishes).

It can be prepared for close relatives, friends, or colleagues living far away from you. You may send your video via e-mail, upload it to YouTube and send a link to your addressee.

There are several types of video gifts.

A personal video greeting is a video series consisting of a photo and/or video of a birthday man, containing congratulations and wishes. Such a greeting may not include personal photos, but in any case this should be an exclusive video clip containing direct indications to your dear person: name, date of birth, mention of his or her personal qualities, victories, virtues, etc.

Such a video greeting can be done with the help of any video editor. You just need to add the necessary content and text. Alternatively, you may pre-order an entirely exclusive version on a freelancers’ market. The difference is only the price.

Another option of video gifts is a parody of politicians and celebrities. You may simply cut episodes from popular YouTube videos and add your own voice-over. It is better to make video parodies personalized so that the effect of congratulations will be the most vivid and memorable.

One more way is to burn video to DVD. You might have dozens of videos with your friend or a family member. You may select the best of them and create a DVD dedicated to that person. It can be quickly done with a free program form Freemake. The software will let you add as many videos as you need and select a custom photo as a background. To avoid shipping costs, just choose the option “DVD folder” and add the contents to your Dropbox.

More ideas

You can also buy a training or webinar for your friend or relative. But in this case you should know everything about his or her interests and hobbies. At udemy.com there are lots of master classes, training videos, and courses. Some of them cost nothing or are very cheap. Over the time, information is usually updated. So it will become a long-lasting gift.

Presents from the virtual space can be made even for small children. For them, you can create a casual game, the characters of which can be either family members or characters from their favorite cartoons.

3 Original Digital Gifts That Don't Require Shipping

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