3 Ways to Save Money on Appliances

Save money on kitchen appliances

Home appliances are not always inexpensive, particularly when it relates to large appliances that use more power and have a higher initial cost. Fortunately, it is possible to save money on appliances with a few simple tricks that help reduce the price. Home appliances do not need to break the bank when it is possible to get reduced prices and find great quality.

1. Shop For Energy Saving Appliances

Large appliances like new refrigerators or dryers often use a great deal of energy. A fridge in particular must run constantly and can add up in energy costs when it is not energy efficient. Fortunately, it is easy to find models that are energy efficient by looking for the Environmental Protection Agency’s seal of approval.

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Look for Energy Star appliances rather than any appliance that meets the need and has a cheap initial cost. The low initial cost is not the only factor relating to expense and having an Energy Star appliance in the home has a few key benefits.

Energy Star appliances offer savings which include:

  • Reduced energy usage that is usually 20 to 30 percent less than basic appliances
  • Environmentally friendly features
  • A wide range of looks, styles, brands and initial prices

It is not necessary to settle for anything less than the best simply to save a few hundred dollars initially. The energy savings add up quickly over the course of a year or two, often making up for a slightly higher initial price.

2. Look for Scratch or Dent Sales

A great way to save as much as 30 to 60 percent off the original price is looking for any scratch and dent sales available in the area. The sale will make buying that new washer and dryer set or the new refrigerator much less expensive initially.

The reason for the major discount on the item is that it has a minor cosmetic flaw such as a scratch on the side or a small dent on the outer portion of the unit. In most cases, the flaws are minor and do not have any impact on the ability to perform needed functions or the life of the appliance.

Sales for scratched and dented appliances for the home occur without prior notice and usually result in units placed in front of the store offering the sales. Calling around and asking whether a store plans to have a scratch and dent sale on home appliances can result in saving hundreds or more off the initial price.

The benefit of working around this type of sale is that the purchase can provide high initial savings and result in better quality appliances based on the budget. A low budget often limits the choices available for the new appliance. Working around a sale of 30 to 60 percent off due to cosmetic flaws that are usually possible to hide will result in a better quality and longer lasting appliance for the budgeted amount.

3. Comparison Shop

Comparing the prices of various stores, online shopping options and sales available in the area will often result in finding a great deal. Comparison shopping is best used when looking at a particular appliance rather than working around an as-yet unmade decision about which brand and type to purchase. Comparing the prices can result in better deals, particularly when looking at last-year’s models.

Saving money on appliances is about looking for the lowest initial price and seeking methods of saving on energy and expenses relating to the appliance. High savings on the expense of a new appliance are possible with careful planning, detailing the needs and seeking out the best deals.

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