5 Tips to Extend the Life of Home Appliances

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Home Appliances

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Last updated on April 7, 2021

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Home Appliances

Appliances are expensive enough you assume they’re going to last for a long time. You don’t buy a fridge for the kitchen with the assumption you’ll have it a year or two before you’re required to buy a new one. The same goes for other appliances such as your oven and stove, your dishwasher, and your washer and dryer.

These are things you buy with the intent to have them around for many years, and it’s frustrating when they begin to malfunction before their lifespan is up. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do regularly to extend the life of your appliances when and if they seem like they’re headed downhill. 

Protect Your Dishwasher Racks 

Did you know the racks in your dishwasher are not just racks designed to hold your dishes up as they’re being washed? They are specially coated with very fancy material designed to keep them safe and sound while the harsh wash cycle occurs. Think of it this way. Your dishes go through the dishwasher often, but the same dishes aren’t going through every day. Your racks are going through every single wash that occurs, and they need that coating to stay intact if you want your machine to work efficiently. To thoroughly check its efficiency, consult with product reviews before you purchase them. You can find such reviews on websites such as Best10Anything. There you can read to-the-point information that helps you decide which product is suitable for you.

If you damage the racks, they no longer work well enough to hold up to the many washes your dishwasher goes through. They’re expensive to replace, too. When loading and unloading your dishwasher, don’t assume you can be rough with the rack. Treat it kindly and with respect and it will prolong the life of your dishwasher and its abilities. 

Buy Only Highly Rated Appliances

If you’re looking for tips to prolong the life of your appliances, it’s this one that matters the most. if you don’t spend money on the right appliances, you’re not going to prolong their lives by much even if you follow every tip available. The most important thing you can do to ensure you get the best appliances for your money is to check the reviews and choose those with the highest ratings. 

Reviews from users as well as from professional companies designed to help consumers choose the right appliances are always helpful if you know the best reviews website to help you decide. Those websites are usually highly rated, they have a good reputation, and they take into consideration every point of view. If you’re thinking of using a review site, read through the articles carefully before you determine which appliances seem like the best deal and which ones seem like a waste of money. 

Be Mindful of Load Sizes in the Washing Machine 

It’s tempting to throw your favorite pair of jeans in the washing machine to get them washed and dried quickly when you want them, but it’s bad for the machine. Not loading enough into the machine when you do laundry can send the entire machine off-balance. This puts pressure and undue stress on the motor and drive components. 

The same goes for oversized loads. You want to cut down on the number of loads you wash during the day but stuffing the washing machine full of laundry that doesn’t fit is dangerous. It causes more damage to the drive components and motor than placing loads that are too small into the machine. Only wash the correct size loads for the best results. 

Keep Your Appliances Clean 

If you’re not cleaning your appliances regularly, you’re not doing anything to prolong the life they live. If you spend a little time every few months thoroughly cleaning your appliances, they collect less dust and grime. These things can make your machines break down faster than if they’re clean. You’ll want to spend time cleaning your fridge, your oven, your washing machined, dryer, dishwasher, and microwave. 

Each one has a different need when it comes to the cleaning process, but it’s easy to find the best solution to clean your appliances with if you just take a few minutes to do your research. It might seem silly to wash your washing machine or dishwasher since that’s what they do every time you’re in the middle of a load, but it’s not the same thing. Keep your appliances clean to prolong their life. 

Know What You’re Getting with High-Tech Appliances 

This is an important tip for anyone looking to buy a new appliance. A high-tech appliance might seem like a great idea when you’re buying it, but it’s just more parts and pieces that break down over time. Sometimes the best way to ensure your appliances last a long time is to overlook the high-tech items and stick with the basics. Do you need a fridge that plays television in the door or do you need a fridge that keeps your food cold and fresh? 

A television might sound like fun, but it’s one more part that could break and cause expensive repairs over time. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best way you can ensure your items last a long time. It’s not to say high-tech appliances don’t work well, but you minimize your chances of additional problems occurring when you choose a simple appliance. 

Working with Your Appliances

Anything you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on should work well and last. Be sure you’re doing your research to find out which brands, which models, and which appliances have the best ratings and reviews.

Check to see what some of the common issues with certain appliances are. If you keep your appliances clean and don’t treat them harshly, you can increase their chances of a long life.

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