5 Ways to Save on Transportation

5 Ways to Save on Transportation

Imagine living in a world where any form of transportation is nonexistent and that the only way to get from point A to point B is on foot. It’s one scenario that’s way too hard to think about, right? That’s because whether you like it or not, cars and other modes of transportation make life easier — despite the fact that it has become rather expensive to fill up a gas tank nowadays.

Still, as oil prices are beginning to experience an upward pivot, people like you and I should be more mindful of our daily gas expenses. According to Value Penguin, an annual average of 14 percent — or $9,004 — of an American household budget goes to transportation, second only to mortgage payments. This alone should push us to make wiser decisions as consumers.

Saving a lot on transportation is very much possible if you know just where to start. Here are some tips that can help you with that.

  1. Use environmentally-friendly alternatives

Presently, some of the world’s largest automotive companies have launched “green” versions of their products. Not only do they emit less pollution, they are also very cheap when it comes to consuming fuel. E bikes and eco-friendly cars are becoming the norm nowadays due to their efficiency and functionality. More innovations will surely come along our way as long as the demand for green transport continues to rise.

  1. Make use of pedal power

Don’t have the funds to go green yet? It’s not a problem if you happen to live close to your workplace. In that case, the most practical thing you can do is to travel by bike. It’s healthy and it doesn’t cost you as much as a gallon of gasoline. What’s more, riding a bike makes you feel younger with each push of the pedal!

  1. Make use of promo cards

Your favorite gas stations usually hand out free gift cards. You can use these cards every time you purchase so you can earn points. The more points you get, the more free stuff you can receive. I’m not just talking about miniature Ferraris. I am also talking about the free gas you can get through special promos where using your gift card is necessary.

  1.  Perform regular maintenance

The older your car gets, the lesser it travels by the gallon. With that being said, it’s important to perform regular maintenance tasks on the vehicle. From the engine right down to the condition of your tires, it is always important to keep these factors in mind as they affect fuel consumption. Be sure to check your brakes, as well as oil levels and condition. The latter, in this case, should always stay on top of your checklist. If your car happens to consume more fuel than it should, you might want to change your oil right then and there.

  1. Schedule a carpool

Having too many cars can take a real toll on your pockets. In this case, you might want limit the number of cars you use and, instead schedule a carpool where you can only use one car. Whether it’s taking the kids out to lunch or going on a summer holiday, you can still experience convenience using only one ride.

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