8 Tips for Stress Free Cat Car Travel

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Cats get stressed from any change in their lives and travel is one that many go through and don’t enjoy.

Carrier box with cat in car

Here are some tips to remove the hassle.

For safety reasons, you should always keep cats and kittens inside a carrier while traveling by car.

Loose cats can become living projectiles in case of a collision with another vehicle. Besides, the driver needs to focus on the road and on other cars rather than keeping tabs on the cat sitting on your lap or on their backrest. Even well-behaved animals can get injured in case the airbags open, if they are on the front seat. All these reasons should be enough for you to transport your cat in a crate while traveling by car – here’s a tip – shop at PetClever for the best pet carriers.

Before hitting the road, allow your cat to become familiar with the interior of the car.

Allow him to smell and to rub his cheek against the seats and the doors to mark them as his own property. By doing this before starting your trip, you'll help the cat feel more at ease inside your vehicle. Cats are very sensitive to their environment, so you have to make sure they are comfortable. Also, consider placing your cat's favorite blanket or towel on the back seat. Like this, the Kitty's scent will already be present inside the car. You may also try to spray Comfort Zone with Feliway on the upholstery, as it can help the feline relax.

Get inside the vehicle together with your cat, close the doors and let him get accustomed to the space.

Keep an eye on small kittens, as they can easily get trapped under the seats or in cubbyholes under the dashboard. You won't need to allow more than five minutes for the cat to sniff around. Next, put the cat back into the carrier and start the car. However, if the cat gets very scared, you may have to take him back to his safe and familiar environment. In order to make sure that your cat will be relaxed during your car travels, you should repeat these short car visits every day for one or two weeks. Eventually, the kitty will stay calm inside the car.

Turn the kitty's mealtime into car time.

Your cat should take his meals in the car for about one week. Alternatively, consider offering the cat some of his favorite treats only inside the car. Don't feed that cat these treats in any other circumstances. This will enable you to establish a positive association of car time and delicious rewards. Each time, make sure you play with your cat and you offer him lots of treats as you release him from his crate.

The last step is to start your car and drive it to the end of your driveway, then return.

Repeat this for several times, always letting the cat out of the carrier when you return. If you notice signs of stress, you may be driving too fast for your pet. this process requires a lot of patience, but you can rest assured of its effectiveness.

Gradually increase the car time.

Go a bit farther every day and make these trips positive and joyful. Eventually, your cat will start to enjoy being inside the car. That's the moment when you can think about planning your next road trips without leaving your cat behind. Patience and consistency will surely pay off. You'll drive safely, without having to put up with vocalizations and fluffed fur.

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