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Now, I'm not much of a chef, but I have an aunt and an uncle (who will remain nameless), that cook even less than me. It's people like us that keep restaurants in business. Anyway, when they redid their kitchen a few years ago, they bought all new stainless steel appliances. They were going to pay to have their old white appliances hauled away!

Mind you, these appliances were like brand new. I made dibs on the stove. I swear they only used it once to make a frozen pizza. I had always wanted a smooth top, so gladly offered to come haul it away for free! It is such a nice stove, the gal that bought my house wanted it to stay with the house. But no way was I giving up the stove, and I still get compliments on it at my new house.

I left the built-in dishwasher at the old house, but brought the refrigerator and microwave to use in the kitchenette/bar in the basement. So, I ended up buying a new dishwasher, refrigerator (I wanted a side-by-side with ice/water in the door), and over-the-range microwave for my new kitchen. I stuck with plain white appliances as white never goes out of style.

So, I bought the cheapest microwave available at Menards over a year and a half ago, that came with a year long warranty. I swear one month after the warranty expired, it took a dump. I brought my old microwave upstairs (that we bought when the twins were babies, so it's 14 years old) and had been procrastinating buying a new one. But it blew a fuse about every tenth use, and since I knew I'd be having a ton of company here this week, I decided to invest in a new microwave.

Frigidaire GLMV169BKAfter doing some research, I was sold on the “sensor” cooking technology (and now highly recommend it), and ended up buying a Frigidaire Gallery Series Over The Range Microwave Oven. I bought it locally that offered an extended ten-year-warranty if I bring in my old one (I suppose they'll use it for parts). It was a bit higher than if I would have bought it online, but then I did save shipping costs.

I ended up bribing two of my friends' husbands to take out the old microwave and install the new one. The whole procedure involved a bit of swearing (as they couldn't use the old brackets) and me making a beer run. But they got it installed just in time for “Thirsty Thirty Thursday” – my brother's 30th birthday party. Here's a pic of me and the birthday boy…

Kim Rowley and Mike Synovec

His friends ended up drinking two 16-gallons kegs plus polished off the liquor cabinet (you can see part of my bar in the background), and a good time was had by all.

What's on iTunes “I Kissed a Girl (and I liked it)” by Katy Perry. The song reminds me of Tila Tequila.


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