Deals And Danger In The Aisles! How Safe Is Your Supermarket?

Love it or hate it, a visit to the supermarket is part of the fabric of adult life. It’s mundane, rather repetitive and there’s nothing more frustrating than your favorite brand of chips and dip being out of stock. 

Deals and danger in the aisles! How safe is your supermarket?

Whether you’re packing a trolley high and dragging a disgruntled toddler around with you, or you’re trying to figure out what to have for dinner that night, food shopping is something that has to be done. But, did you know that it’s not just long queues and carts with wobbly wheels that you have to contend with at the supermarket? You could be putting yourself at risk!

Thousands of accidents take place in supermarkets each year, with most of them being the result of negligent staff and poor management practices. Sadly, it’s this negligence that leaves shoppers counting the cost of their weekly shop – in more ways than one.

Still, need convincing? Here we'll explore the hidden hazards, hiding in your supermarket.

The parking lot

Shockingly, supermarket dangers are lurking before you even set foot in the store. With hundreds of parking lot accidents occurring each year – call a local auto accident lawyer if you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault – shoppers can find themselves at the mercy of distracted drivers, dangerous potholes, broken glass and debris, or they can even be left vulnerable due to poorly lit parking lots. 


They look fancy and make fresh produce all the more appetizing. Produce misters are common in larger supermarkets as a way of keeping fresh fruit and veg looking at it’s best. Sadly, the tanks that contain the water that is misted over your produce at set intervals, could be riddled with bacteria including those that breed legionnaires disease. Inhaling these potentially dangerous droplets can leave you struggling with a respiratory infection that in some cases can be fatal. 

Wet floors

Thanks to leaking milk cartons, broken freezers and spilled produce, wet floors in supermarkets are common. However, it’s the duty of the store to keep floors safe and any spillages mopped up, promptly. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. An unsuspecting shopper who slips on a wet floor (that hasn’t been clearly marked with a sign) or a loose food item could end up with head injuries, broken bones and soft tissue damage.

Falling produce

Those pyramids of tins can look impressive; however, you may not agree if they're falling on you. Any items that are stored at dangerous heights have the potential to fall and hit unsuspecting shoppers, resulting in serious injuries and even death.

Trip hazards

Supermarkets like to keep their shelves full and receive daily deliveries. Sadly, this also means boxes, crates and other trip hazards can often be left in aisles and along walkways, leaving shoppers at risk of tripping and injuring themselves. 

Final thoughts…

Next time you go shopping, be vigilant. If you do find yourself injured whilst out shopping, speak with a PI lawyer, today. 

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