Early Bird gets Glidden Paint Samples


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden.
All opinions are 100% mine.

Earlier this month, Glidden sponsored a “Get Color, Give Color Giveaway” offering two free paint testers for you plus two more to give away to a friend! I was lucky enough to request two free paint testers myself, and I can't wait to receive them! Was anyone else able to request them? And if so, have you received them yet? And do you like them?

If you missed the free paint testers offer, then shame on you for not visiting our website for the hottest deals and freebies everyday as well as following @ShoppingKim on Twitter as we tweeted out a link to the offer! You can still purchase Glidden paint testers which are available in 282 colors at your neighborhood Home Depot stores for $2.94 each. They come with a brush attached right to the lid and include enough paint to cover three square feet.

Plus Glidden offers a cool online room painter where you can experiment with colors. You can change the look of the room to match your very own living space, include the trim, ceiling, adjacent room, trim and ceiling colors. Then you can play around the with color palette, see the top ten choices, even “match a mood”. I must be moody, because I seem to like all the mood choices: Playful, Rugged, Refreshed, Contemplative, Light-Hearted, Ladylike, Calm or Cozy & Romantic!

Visit http://bit.ly/bjLb2u to see how “Glidden Paint Helps Make Color Easy” plus follow @Glidden_Paint on Twitter for fun tweets.

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