A Guide to Buying Your HVAC Unit

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The type of air conditioning system you have determines how comfortable you will be at home. Decision making when it comes to getting a new HVAC unit can be a bit confusing — all seems expensive, but comfort is the main priority, after all. A new air condition system in the house always comes with the hope of new and fresh air, but sometimes that’s not the case.

Some HVAC system is good, but the wrong installation can harm the efficiency of the system. It also leads to damage of the system thereby causing discomfort for anyone in the room. Any home with a poorly installed air condition system is often synonymous with poor air circulation, airborne pollutants and high temperature, which are major contributors to discomfort. Therefore, it is imperative you take the installation seriously and get a professional to do it rather than messing up the installation.

On an average, a new unit of an air condition system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. After these years there might be a malfunction and require repair or change. You are left with the decision of going for a repair or getting a new unit. An HVAC repair professional will be in the perfect condition to advise you on what to do, either to go for a new system or get the old one repaired.

Essential Tips Before Purchasing a New Air Condition System

No matter what the decision is, getting a new air condition system, there are things you need to consider. Below is a comprehensive list of tips that will help you make a right decision when replacing an old unit or buying a new unit for your home. Read, learn and share too.

Hire a professional: Installation determines how well your AC unit functions, so never neglect this. Having difficulty on how to get professional help, the best way is a recommendation. A family or friend that has used his/her services can recommend one for you.

Meanwhile, there are several home services listing websites. When you visit any, please check the rating and reviews too, and as well as the quote for each pro. Contact up to 3 to 4 professional and have then sent a well-detailed report and quote, then make your choice of the best among them all. In case you are charged with the responsibility of selecting the units, make sure to pick the right one that suits the old one.

Online purchase of A/C units:  A/C units can be purchased online too since contractors can give two options. One is where the contractor provides the unit and also does the installation. The other option you can go for purchasing the units yourself and the hiring a professional to install the units.

Purchasing the unit yourself will save you a lot of money. The contractor must be licensed and follow the local and state codes. A contractor that will provide all the required permits and records or professional installation. Another important tip is to consult your contractor before making any purchase online. Most times, some do the installation for some reasons. One of the reasons might be because of warranty by manufacturers. Your units might be damaged, mismatched for the one you want to replace or even the wrong size.

To avoid extra spending on purchase of units, it is wise that you hire a licensed HVAC professional to help you assess your needs.

The size of the A/C unit: The right size for each unit purchased is essential. Although the professional you hired will help you to choose the perfect unit size, it is critical you come to terms with the size. In a situation where there is a mismatch in the size of the purchased unit, installation indeed becomes a major problem.

When the unit is too small for your home, there will not be proper air circulation, and when it is too big for the home, the system will go off often. This will cause a spike in the electricity bills you pay, making you spend much more than expected. Have your contractor should conduct a load calculation before you go ahead to make any purchase.

The SEER Rating: SEER simply stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is used to measure how efficiently an air-conditioning system works. The standard SEER for residents in the US as of 2015 is 14. Any air condition system with at least SEER of 14 is okay but if you can go for any higher than that within your budget is fine. Do consider SEER before going for any unit it is essential.

Plan for maintenance: You need to have maintenance check it on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The frequency of the maintenance is going to come is what you should discuss with your contractor. Talk to him about the maintenance plans as the efficiency of your A/C unit is also determined on how well maintained it is. Through the help of your contractor, you will make the right choice of the maintenance plan.

Seasonal shopping: The best season to shop for A/C units is in the cold months probably winter. Most favorite brands will have more of their products in stock than in the hot season when the products are in high demand.

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