Happy Halloween!

Only in a small town would they postpone Halloween for a high school football game. And I live in that small town! Our undefeated Pierce Bluejays take on Hastings St. Cecelia in the 2nd round of Class C-1 football play-offs tomorrow night. And trick-or-treating for the children has been postponed until Thursday. I should be able to get half-price candy then and give out twice as much (or eat the other half)!

Patrick and I attended a Halloween Oktoberfest party last weekend in Lincoln dressed as I Dream of Jeannie and Major Nelson. My kids had never even heard of them! Kind of dates ourselves. I used to love to watch those re-runs.

I had the Jeannie costume from years back and remember wearing it to work and then taking my young son around town with it on. After finding it in storage, I had to have my mother alter it a bit, as I’ve gained a bit of weight – ugh! Patrick rented his air force uniform from a local costume shop, which is also where I got the long blonde wig (that I braided up) and Jeannie lantern.

Luckily the twins don’t think they need to dress up this year, and I convinced my youngest daughter to look through all of the other costumes in storage from her older sisters. She found a snazzy pink jumpsuit and combining that with the blonde wig, she can be Hannah Montana! She is quite a little ham (see her dressed up here) and she even has her own website now – www.Tatym.com

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