Ladies buckle up. Do you want to impress a guy friend or someone special who likes to shine his machine? I mean the four wheel machine. Well then, Christmas time may be the right time. Get ready with your pen and paper.

In line with the gift-giving tradition of the holiday season, give your guy a present that somewhat related to his hobby or likes. Since we are talking about car enthusiast, here are some gift ideas you can think of that will surely delight him.

Car Cleaner Set

A bucket full of car cleaning products is a practical gift for your man. Obviously, he would be very glad to have it as he can save some bucks from buying them on his own. The set may include car wash soap, wash pad, polishes, polish applicator pad, sponge and cloth. With the use of the kit, he will be able to clean the interior and exterior of his car regularly. You can also offer your help in cleaning during weekends.

Car Themed Home Items

A car lover doesn’t leave his passion inside the garage. Oftentimes, this passion would reflect inside his pad or room. Check out home items with car theme such as picture frames, laptop bag, mug, shot glass, sport bag and towel. Look over the home-decor category of gift items where you can find wide array of products that might suit him. A detailed scale model or miniature of his car would be a nice gift. Make him remember you right before going to sleep by giving him a car-themed table lamp.

Car Themed Apparel

Majority of the car manufacturers produce apparel designed with specific model. Of course, first thing you need to do is to find out his car brand and model. Visit a local dealership where you can find different kinds of apparel including t-shirt and jacket having the logo or image of his favorite car model. In case he loves vintage cars, you may check out online to search for sources where you can purchase an item. Your gift is perfect for driving around and showing off his loyalty to his favorite traveling buddy.

Car Accessories

Pimp his ride by giving auto accessories he can use inside his car. Have you caught a glimpse inside his car and saw items scattered everywhere? Maybe not all, but most guys don’t care much about organizing. And so, buy him an organizer that can hold his valuables, such as laptop, paperworks, pens and paper. You may also consider rack, desk organizer and storage bin. These things can help make the car clutter-free. Surely, he’ll remember you every time he gets inside his car.


Most car enthusiasts love to collect memorabilia. Whether your guy has just started out being a vehicle buff or is an experienced car restorer, giving him a gift that adds to his collections will surely make him smile. Collectibles might be a bit challenging to find specifically if you are looking for a vintage one. In this case, you may drop by online auction site or online shops where classic items are usually sold. Collector’s items include bumpers, steering wheel and light housing.

No matter what type of vehicle your man admires, there are many gift ideas you can give this Christmas that will surely put a smile on his face. Aside from showing the holiday spirit, giving the gift lets him realize that you appreciate and support his passion.

About the author. Ashley O’connor is a social media contributor. She blogs for many successful companies just like American Van Equipment, a provider of wide array of vehicle equipment. She is a bit introvert; so when she is not writing, she is just reading books.

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