How to Get Great Deals on Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up almost half of your kitchen-remodeling budget. Now, before you freak out and start panicking, you should know that there are many ways to get a great deal on a kitchen cabinet, especially when you are on a shoestring budget. Follow the 4 ways given below and save some money.

  1. Buy Stock Cabinets

You can always go to a furnishing or home-improvement store in your neighbourhood and check out the stock cabinets there. These are already made and you cannot change the size or dimension. You buy them as they are. Get a crowning added for a brand new look. Check out several stores and you will be sure to find a shop that stores a cabinet matching your style.  One way to save up on these cabinets would be to buy during the sales period. The shops offer massive discounts to clear their stocks and you can save on your kitchen budget if you shop from them during that time.

  1. Order Cabinets Through Your Designer

If you have a designer to design your kitchen, you can ask her to order semi stock cheap kitchen cabinets. Designers buy these cabinets from select furniture shops and they are not as expensive as the made to order cabinets. You can also have the designer ask for an increase in the size of cabinets to fit your requirements. In addition to the cabinets, you can get racks, shelves and drawers in this fashion as well.

  1. Buy From Thrift Stores

If you want a good design with good price, you should head to thrift stores. These are shops where designers and home owners donate old good quality furniture. You may even get vintage rta cabinets at a cheap price over here. These shops are a great place to find other things for your house as well.

  1. Recycle Your Cabinets

If you want to give your house a facelift, you can always shuffle and recycle your furniture. Use the cabinets that you do not need in your bedroom and in your kitchen. Polish and paint them to give a new look. This way you stop cluttering your space with things you don’t need and also save a lot of money.

The best way to get great deals is to be thrifty and innovative. You can buy an old piece of cabinet, but if you polish, paint and redesign it properly, you can end up with a cabinet that looks as good as new and that also gives your kitchen an edge. Remember to let your style shine through every piece of furniture in your house, including your kitchen cabinets.

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