How To Make Money On Ebay

How To Sell on eBay

I have bought my fair share of goods from A lot of online retailer have store presences there, so I’ve been able to get brand-new name-brand items for less than retail price. The majority of my purchases involve salon products such as NailTek Intensive Therapy II and/or Seacret Ocean Dead Sea Nail Kits.

I’ve even sold a few things on eBay, but more so to clean out clutter than to make money.  I think my first experience of selling stuff on eBay was when I got divorced and sold the anniversary Precious Moments figurines that my (ex)husband had given me as gifts when we were married. I knew I could get more for them there than selling them at a garage sale. But I by no means profited on them (although my Ex may disagree).

Since I work at home “on the computer”, most people presume I “sell stuff on eBay” and ask me for advice. Well, I suggest taking pointers from Kristi over at Spend Less and Save More who started selling on eBay in 2002 and is now her business.

Kristi covers the basics from how to create a successful eBay listing to shipping eBay items.  She even gives away secrets on hot sellers including cashmere, vintage sewing patterns, and Wilton cake pans… who knew? Thanks Kristi for sharing your knowledge!

If you sell on eBay, please comment below with your link so we can patronize fellow Shopping Bookmarkers!

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