How To Save Money While Grocery Shopping

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A lot of people are finding themselves short on funds these days often living paycheck to paycheck. This unfortunate truth can make it difficult for people to get everything that they need, much less everything they want.

Family Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping just keeps getting more expensive, and a tight budget makes it important to take every measure possible to cut corners and save money.

Use Coupons


Believe it or not, paper coupons are still a thing. They can be clipped out of newspapers or taken from the fliers that many stores still have, just inside the door. Sometimes coupons even come delivered in the mail when a person signs up for them or even as a local periodical that everybody in the area receives.


The go-to place to get coupons these days, however, is on the internet. Coupons online come with several options. Some can be printed off and taken into the store the same way as the ones that come with the newspaper. Another option is coupon codes. They bring down the price when making an order right there online.

Adult Beverages

Saving on shopping is not just about saving on the necessities. It is important to save on the wants as well. Most people like to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, but going out to a bar can get expensive.

Bringing home the ingredients for cocktails with the groceries can cut the price of drinking in half from going out. For example, mixing orange spritz syrup with some tonic water, and a generous shot of a clear liquor makes a calorie friendly replacement for a screwdriver.

Buy in Bulk

Another way to save money is, ironically, to spend money. The prices on bulk packaging can look daunting, but in reality, there is more product for the penny in those big packages. Some things may seem impractical in bulk packaging, but even perishable items can be frozen and used later on. Meats, for instance, can be bought in larges packages and then be separated into meal-sized portions before freezing. Snack foods are a given. Things like crackers, chips, and cookies are a given. It is always better to have more of the thing that can be enjoyed, especially saving money at the same time.

Store Club Cards

Many stores provide a store club card or some sort of rewards credit card option. With either option, the more the card gets used, the more benefits the user gets. Store loyalty cards give the user points every time a customer shops at that store. The points can be traded in later for discounts or prizes. Often the card itself is the only way to take advantage of many deals in the store. Store credit cards offer many of the same benefits as the club cards but in a bigger way. Some even offer a cashback percentage. Credit cards, however, will require a credit check.

Bargain Shopping

Discount Grocery Stores

Having brand name products can be nice, but it is not always affordable. A great way to save money on grocery shopping is by going to discount grocery stores. With so many people looking to save while shopping, they have become popular and abundant.

Store Brand

Going to discount stores is not for everybody. Some people find it embarrassing while others find the products to lack in quality. Whatever the reason, there is a middle ground. Every store has their brand's version of many of the most popular brand name items. Much of the time, store-brand products are as good as the original. Sometimes, they are even better.

Do Not Bring Children

Children can be great, but they are not good budgeting. When children come shopping the will see things that they want to have. Sometimes it is easy to explain that the thing they want is not healthy, but that can make saying no difficult when they pick a healthier option. When a kid is cute enough, they will usually get their way. It is best to just skip the temptation of giving in to cuteness by not bringing them along at all. Buying a small treat while shopping to bring home to the kids instead will make them happy while preserving the budget.

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