Lambrecht Car Auction Is In My Backyard

Lambrecht Car Auction

I’ve walked past these old cars parked amongst the trees countless times as I usually go for walks on the road behind my house.  I would have never guessed that what looked like a junk yard has actually been coined a “field of dreams” by car collectors.  The upcoming Lambrecht car auction slated for later this month has gotten our itty bitty town of Pierce, Nebraska, a lot of publicity lately from the top news sources:

Thousands upon thousands of visitors are expected to flock to our tiny town come September 27th through the 29th. Rumor has it that Jay Leno has his eye on the 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette with less than 5 miles on it.  Hotels are booked for hundreds of miles, home owners are offering to rent out bedrooms, and local businesses are trying to think of ways to accommodate all of the spectators.  I will be entertaining guests myself (actually they will probably be entertaining me)!

I am fortunate that I get to travel for business and love the city life.  I’ve always thought I was a city girl stuck in a small town, but my colleagues can attest that I still carry traits of being a hick at times. Like when I call dinner “supper”. Maybe someday I’ll “grow up” and move away.  It is my birthday tomorrow after all.

Most of the city slicker visitors will not only take a step back in time when they see all the old cars, but will be taken back just by stepping foot in little ‘ole Pierce, Nebraska.  Our Main Street is actually made of bricks, there are no stop lights, wild marijuana grows in the ditches (aka “ditch weed”), and you can’t even pay for gas at the pumps.  The two bars don’t even take debit or credit cards.  So bring cash for your $2 drinks (or $4 to buy me one, too).

Click here to read more about the story behind the Lambrecht Chevrolet Collection as written by daughter Jeannie Lambrecht Stillwell about her father and mother, Ray and Mildred Lambrecht who are now in their 90’s and still live across the street from the dealership.  For more about the auction, check out VanDerBrink Auctions.

And see y’all soon?

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