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How To Create An Online Vision Board To Achieve Your Goals Faster

How To Create An Online Vision Board To Achieve Your Goals Faster

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I made a video to show you how I personally use an online vision board every day to achieve my goals using the law of attraction. It's totally free to do, and I’m not going to try to sell you anything. I just want to share my technique to pay it forward.

So, do you want to achieve your goals as fast as possible?

Here’s what I do: Every time I hit the “home” button on my browser (and this can work with any browser), I get directed to my vision board.

I’ve personally been using a vision board homepage for nearly 20 years, not only to achieve my dreams but to increase productivity while working at my computer, which allows me to reach my goals sooner. Credit goes to James Martell (God rest his soul) for introducing the idea to me.

This is not the actual board that I use every day, but the one I use for examples. My actual board is set to private so no one can see but me, but this one is public so you can see how it works.

Across the top are my personal goals:

  • I want to build a new house,
  • I want to learn to play the piano,
  • I want to do mission work in Africa, and
  • I want to take a Mediterranean Cruise.

Seeing these goals multiple times a day help me manifest them into reality. When I reach a goal, I will replace it with a new goal. Some of my past goals have included building a house (yes, I want to do it again), buying specific cars, being on TV, touring Paris and vacationing in Mexico.

Underneath my goals are a to-do list and links that I frequently use. I can update my to do list and check off things as I do them. You can have as many lists as you’d like, and if you’d like to make separate lists for work, for school, for personal reasons, you can make lists for anything.

ShoppingKim's Vision Board

Having these lists and links available right in front me saves time and clicks not having to type the URL into my browser or having to look up bookmarks. Let’s say I want to work on my blog, then I click on that link instead of typing it into my browser. Then I can work on my blog as much as I want and when I'm done, I simply hit the home button again and click on what I want to work on next.  If I want to work on another website or I want to go shopping or I want to look on social media.

I realize not everyone knows how to create an online vision board for themselves, so I came up with an idea, which became a goal, and that goal is now a reality. I created a place for others to create their own vision board homepage for free. It’s finally a reality, so let me show you just how easy it is create your own online vision board.

First type in your browser bar homepage

If you want to get started right away, go ahead and hit the register button. Or you can scroll down to read more about me – this photo was taken when I went to Cancun, which was one of my previous goals.

Kim in Cancun

Keep scrolling to see more details about how the boards work, the video that I made, and pricing. Yes, you’ll see it is totally free to use. That may change in the future, but if you register now, you will be grandfathered in at the free price indefinitely.

Since this is a new site, I don’t have any testimonials yet! So if you use and like this product, I’d love a quote from you to add. I can even link back to your blog or website or whatever you URL you want listed.  

And there’s more! Did you know that Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington and even Ellen are big believers in the Law of Attraction and use vision boards? If not, now you do.

I’ll walk through the sign up process.  

Register for

  1. Register with an email address, Facebook, Twitter or Google. We may add more options in the future.
  2. Confirm email address to complete registration.
  3. Set password.

Once logged in, you'll see default goals and boards to give you an example how it works. These are the goals that I recommend you start out with:

  • personal intangible goal
  • personal tangible goal
  • professional goal
  • financial goal

You can set these to anything you want. You can delete them by clicking the delete button or you can edit them to change the picture and/or goals. I recommend four, because it looks nice across the top, but you can have as many as you want. You can add a new goal by clicking “Add New > New Goal” at the top of the page.

Next up are the lists. The default lists are a to do list which tells you to add or edit your goals, add or edit your lists, buy doughnuts, and then like us on Facebook. Once you have done any of these things, you can delete them, rearrange them, basically do anything you want. So let's say you don't like this social media or you want to change it, you can edit the top of it, you can add another link to it or you can move it around however you like and save it. You can also move the boards in a different order, by clicking setting and reorder the boards and save it.

You can also set your board to be public or private. I keep mine, my personal one private just because I have private information on there for maybe links that I'm working too for companies that don't want to disclose that I'm working for them and whatnot. You can also set up for public, let's say you want to make a bunch of lists for somebody and share that for your website. Then, I would make it public so you can share with others, so that's totally up to you. You can also set the links to open in the same window or a different window. I prefer the same window so that way, I don't have a million tabs open and I can just hit the home button over and over.

Once you have your board set up the way you want, you need to add your new URL to your homepage. You only have to do this once, so don't worry if it gets a little complicated here. I use the Chrome browser, but if you use a different browser, you can log in or you can click the FAQs, and it will tell you how to do this for your other browsers. When that's done, you save it, click your home button again and there you are.

If you have any questions, please reach out as I want you to reach your goals!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.