DIY Pallet Coffee Table Instructions

Pallet Coffee Table

My daughter, Macy, recently got her own apartment. Being on a tight budget, she was lucky to get some free hand-me-down furniture from family plus get a great deal on a couch and loveseat that a friend was selling. But she wanted a coffee table, especially since her apartment doesn't have room for a table and chairs.

So Macy asked Trevor (of all trades) if he could make her a pallet coffee table, and sent him some ideas from Pinterest on pallet coffee tables. Trevor turned her request into a fun weekend project. And here's his instructions for anyone else who would like to make a coffee table out of pallets.

To get started, find three pallets preferably the same size. I found mine at a local electronics store they were more than happy to give them away so they do not have to pay disposal. Align two of the pallets and screw or nail them together one on top of the other. After you have the two firmly attached, put them aside for now. With a hammer or pry bar remove all the top pieces of wood from the extra pallet. The pieces will be used to fill in the gaps on the table to make it a solid surface. Some pieces may have to be trimmed or moved to make it fit together. Once all of the pieces are removed from the extra pallet, you will have to bigger pieces left from the middle that work perfect for legs. Just cut them to the desired length and attach them to the bottom pallet. Paint or stain to your desired color, and you have a beautiful, inexpensive (and custom made) table.

I think the pallet coffee table turned out great, and Macy loves it! Since she doesn't have a dining room table, she also uses it to eat off of. And she's busy pinning new projects for Trevor now!

Don't have time to build your own pallet coffee table? Buy one for the best price on Etsy.

Pallet Coffee Table Instructions

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