Sell Unwanted Gift Cards for Cash

Admit it, you've received some gift cards to places that you'll never ever use. I know I have.

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards for Cash

In fact, recently I've received a $30 gift card to Kroger and another $30 to Texaco. I believe I won them entering online sweepstakes, but they are of no use to me because I don't live anywhere near a Texaco or Kroger store. I thought about re-gifting them, but also don't know anyone that personally shops at those places. So what to do?

Since I've bought discounted gift cards from Card Cash (formerly known as Plastic Jungle) before, I decided to see how much they would offer me to sell my gift cards.

  • $30 Kroger = $25.50 Cash or PayPal Instantly or $26.78 Amazon gift card
  • $30 Texaco = $27.60 Cash or PayPal Instantly or $28.98 Amazon gift card

I chose the $53.10 ($25.50 + $27.60) Cash option, and they will mail a check within two business days of receiving my gift card/s.  Yes, I could have made $2.66 more by picking the Amazon gift card, but I don't need anything at Amazon at the moment, and I wanted more of an instant satisfaction.  So why didn't I choose the PayPal instant option? Because my PayPal account is a Business account, so I usually have to pay fees on payments received.

Card Cash also pays for shipping, so I simply printed out a postage-paid mailing address and popped them in the mail. Easy peasy!

Other places to sell unwanted gift cards include:

  • BuyBackWorld – Get instant quotes to sell electronics for cash, such as cell phones, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Plus they will give you an upfront instant cash quote for gift cards. Mail in your items for free with a prepaid shipping label and get paid. 
  • Cardpool – Sell unused gift cards for up to 92% cash back. They also have an app to buy discounted gift cards while at the checkout line to use in-store from your phone. 
  • Ebay – I haven't personally sold any gift cards on Ebay (and Penny Hoader says not to), but I have bought several discounted gift cards on eBay. I also call or confirm online when I receive to verify that the cards are legit since you are receiving them direct from a seller. Only once (out of dozens of purchases) has the card not had a balance, but I emailed the seller and got a refund.
  • – List your card(s) for sale and receive funds via direct deposit, PayPal or check when you sell. 

Remember that not only can you sell unwanted gift cards at all of the above places, but you can also buy discounted gift cards at less than retail prices. So if there is a store that you frequent often, it will save you money to buy gift cards for those stores as then you won't be paying full price at the store. Some big name stores like Target and Walmart also allow you to scan and store your gift cards in their online apps on your phone. I do this so 1) I don't have to remember that I have a gift card to use and 2) I don't have to remember where I put the darn thing! I simply pull up the Target app (use “Wallet”) or Walmart app (use “Walmart Pay”) to pay at checkout (I also have my credit card and Red card set up with those apps).

Sell Gift Cards For Cash

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