Shopping Around: Six High-Tech Safety Features In Cars Today

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The safety features available in cars today has come a long way since the day automobiles were first introduced. With advanced technology comes more high-tech ways to help keep drivers and passengers safe and these ideas are revolutionizing the way we think about crashes and worst-cast scenarios. Here are some of the most high-tech safety features found in cars today:

1. Blind-Spot Monitoring

A Blind-Spot Monitoring system notifies the driver when there’s approaching traffic in the next lane. If approaching traffic is detected, then the system alerts the driver with lights that flash in the mirrors on the corresponding sides of the car. In some cars, this is accompanied by a shake of the steering wheel, driver’s seat, or both as an extra measure to alert the driver.

2. Emergency Braking

Frontal crashes are often due to a drivers’ inability to react in enough time. With emergency braking, the car automatically stops in the event of an approaching crash.

3. Lane Monitoring

Lane monitoring is a high-tech safety feature that makes sure the vehicle stays in the appropriate lane. If the system detects the vehicle is drifting into the opposing lane, then it automatically steers it back into the right one. In addition to guiding the vehicle back into the correct lane, in some vehicles, lane monitoring also displays notifications to the driver on the instrument panel.

4. Driver Condition Monitor

Adriver condition monitor system constantly analyzing the driver’s concentration. If the system detects that the driver has become tired and lost concentration, then the vehicle’s steering wheel will shake. A notification that suggests it’s time for a break is displayed on instrument panel. This is great news for career drivers and future family road trips.

5. Rearview Camera

With rearview cameras, drivers can see what’s behind the car. In some cars it serves as a backup guide with mapped out diagrams that show where to go and how far to drive backwards.

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The system displays the diagram on a display monitor inside the car, usually on the center of the dashboard. In some cars, it’s displayed on a monitor in the center of the instrument panel or in the rearview mirror.

6. Seatbelt Airbags

Car airbags are not a new safety feature, and were first introduced decades ago. However, airbag technology has recently been upgraded to high-tech status. Some cars are equipped with airbags inside the seatbelts. This serves as an up-close cushion for drivers and passengers in the event of a crash.

These safety features help take out the guess work when operating a car. If your car doesn’t come equipped with these safety features, some can be purchased through an auto parts supplier like U Pull & Pay. Keep your family safe and your car from getting in a crash by making use of some of the most high-tech gadgets of the day.

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