Sometimes Even Big Good Things Come in Small Packages

If you've ever suffered the embarrassment of giving what you thought was a wonderful gift only to find out, when the recipient opens it, that they already have one (or, worse yet, hate it), then you are probably one of the millions who now make gift cards their first choice.

There are many other reasons for giving gift cards such as:

  • If the person you are gifting to lives overseas.
  • Gift cards save you a bundle on shipping.
  • If you are drawing for “secret Santa” gifts.
  • You don't know who will end up with your gift, such as random secret Santa parties.

A gift card can turn what might be an odd match-up into a joy.

However, giving a gift card presents its own problems: Will it seem to the recipient that you were simply lazy, not wanting to put out the effort to find out what would please them or to actually spend time shopping for it? Or does it stifle the creativity that normally accompanies the gift-wrapping ritual? There is nothing more delightful than being presented with a beautifully wrapped box with a splendid ribbon bow and decoration on it. But how do you creatively present a gift card?

Here are some ideas that will let you combine the “Wow!” of great gift wrapping with the convenience of giving gift cards:

Choose an Oversized Container as a Gift Box

The container does not have to be a box at all. Rather, choose an object to hold the gift card that matches the type of merchandise the gift card is for. Are you giving a gift card to Macy's Department store? Put the gift card in a coin purse or credit card wallet, and wrap that up. Use beautiful gift wrap and ribbon, as creatively as you choose. Is it a gift card to Lowe's or Home Depot? Pick out a small tool box, and put the card in there. Now you have a large, gift to give that is able to be wrapped.

How about wrapping a movie gift card in a Cracker Jack box or Popcorn bucket? Now you have the idea! The container you choose does not have to add a lot of cost to your gifting. Try going to the dollar store and choosing something representative of your gift card choice.

Gift Boxes Made to Hold Gift Cards

There are now some beautiful choices in boxes, made especially for gift cards such as pop-up gift card boxes. You could put a bow on these, “as is,” or wrap them up in luxurious gift wrap and ribbon. Nothing mundane about these!

Of course, the right size jewelry box will do nicely, too. Many of us have jewelry boxes lying around the house that are perfect for gift cards. Not only is this a great way to reuse these boxes, but the added bonus of seeing their face light up when they think there is something shiny in the box makes it all worth it.

Wallets Made to Hold Both Gift Cards and Memories

You like the idea of gift cards, but you also like giving gifts that will last – that will remind your loved one of you and of the special day long after it's passed. Not to worry. There are wonderful finds like handmade colorful fabric “mini-wallets” that would present your gift card nicely. They can then be reused as a credit card wallet or a small cash cache.

Colorful Cardstock Gift Card Wallets

If a long-lasting gift is not crucial, but you just want a little something to dress up the card, try some of the wonderfully colored and textured cardstock or cardboard gift card wallets. You can often find these in your local greeting card shop or anywhere they sell gift wrap.

Just Go with a Big Box

Of course, there's nothing wrong with satisfying both your need to have a sure-fire useful gift card to give and your need to present a big, fat, beautiful present. Why not just go for it, and wrap that little thin gift card in a big, huge, bodacious box? If you want to add a little fun, you can use several boxes of different sizes inside each other. As they open the large boxes to find smaller boxes inside, it will be like opening 10 gifts in one until they reach the smallest box holding the card.

Any way you look at it, there are many ways you can be creative when presenting a gift card, and still look thoughtful, prepared and too cool for words.

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