The Financial Benefit of Fuel Cards

Getting Gas Fuel

One of the largest costs associated with business transportation after leasing, insurance and maintenance is fuel expenditure. Managing vehicle fuel costs can be an administrative nightmare for even the smallest of businesses that only possess a small fleet. Such difficulty is only amplified further when one considers the ever rising costs associated with petrol & diesel.

Many businesses are now looking at how they buy their fuel much more seriously to ensure maximum benefits on the bottom line. Proactive internal changes, such as the implementation of company fuel cards are now a necessity as the cost of fuel continues to rise. Using such can provide fleet managers with complete control in regards to how much they are spending, however there are many other benefits that are often overlooked.

Save Money

Using fuel cards such as Euroshell Italy often allow businesses to take advantage of fixed pump prices regardless of fill-up location therefore protecting finances from unexpected sudden rises. Fuel cards can also be used as an alternative to mileage reimbursement, which in turn will improve efficiency and accuracy.

Improved Security

A Pin enabled, safe and secured process ensures the highest level of security. Vehicle registration and signature approval removes the risk of unauthorised fuel spends at the pump on non-business related vehicles.  Transactions can also be restricted to certain products removing the risk of company finances being used for anything but fuel. Other security benefits include no cash transactions, detailed invoicing and on-line account administration.

100% accurate VAT

Itemised billing at set intervals reduces the amount of time being spent on collating VAT receipts, which can often present inaccurate data and figures. Furthermore, this accountant friendly fuel management system can also aid company cash flow due to interest free credit facilities, therefore allowing payment to be made at a more convenient date.

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