The Frugal Millennial: Pallets, Furniture for Cheap

pallet furniture

Furniture — it’s expensive but it’s also essential. An unfurnished home is like an unresolved relationship or a book with a riveting story with the final chapter torn off. A mime without makeup is just a silly person pretending to be mute, and pizza without the toppings is just dough. But the fact is that not everybody can afford furniture. Those who are able to might not be willing to spend that much money for something that you just sit on for a few minutes everyday.

One of the most popular ways to save money is upcycling. We’ve even written a guide to upcycling for beginners and this concept is one that we’re going to be emphasizing here.

I’m not sure if you’ve come across pallets, but they’ve been pretty popular on the internet lately. Not only are they cheap to get, they’re also surprisingly sturdy and stylish, especially if you’re going for the rustic aesthetic for your home. These wooden pallets are basically just wooden structures that are used to support goods during shipping.

At a glance, they look rugged, unflattering, and cheap. But they could be so much more with a bit of creativity and skill. The best bit is that they’re relatively cheap, in contrast to buying pre-made furniture. There are a lot of advantages of upcycling wooden pallets, the top two of which are in terms of adaptability and price.

Wooden pallets are quite easy to disassemble, since they are usually made from reclaimed wood, and as such they’re incredibly cheap. They can be upcycled into bed frames, coffee tables, chairs, couch frames and even walls. All you really need to worry about is paint and cushioning both of which are readily available for reasonable prices at your local hardware store.

Since the materials are readily available, you can easily get as many as you need. What’s more is that you can re-upcycle your furniture later on if you so please. That’s something you can’t do with conventional pre-made furniture.

The other main advantage is price. This advantage isn’t limited to your initial purchase of wooden pallets — as established earlier, you have the option of re-upcycling your pallet furniture. Obviously, this saves you money by giving you the option of not having to buy new furniture.

And well, let’s be honest, it’s pretty amazing how we can turn something that’s usually associated with “cheap”, “unflattering”, and “nearly useless” into something that’s the very definition of functional and stylish.

Now, if you’ve been convinced, then I’d assume you’d want to know where to get wooden pallets. Palletwest is a great source for wooden pallets.

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