What Is the Fastest Way to Sell a Car? Here’s 5 Ways to Sell Your Car Fast

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Are you looking to sell your car?

You have a lot of options ahead of you and decisions to make. You want to make sure that you sell your car fast and cash out.

You also want to make sure that you’re getting as much value out of the car when you sell it. You don’t want to wind up losing money on the sale.

What Is the Fastest Way to Sell a Car? 5 Ways to Sell Your Car Fast

What’s the fastest way to sell a car?

Keep reading to find out how to sell your car fast and how you can get the most value out of the sale.  

1. Privately Sell It Online

The first way to sell your car is to sell it privately online. Most people will look online before heading to a dealership to research cars. You want to make sure yours is seen by these buyers.

There’s a lot that you have to do before you sell it privately. You could wind up with a car that’s just sitting if you overlook the details. For example, if you set the price that’s too high, no one will buy the car because it’s overvalued.

2. Sell to a Dealership

You can always sell your car right to a dealership. It seems like a very obvious choice, and dealers often work to make the process quick and easy.

When you sell to a dealership, you have to know what the car is worth. You also have to bring your negotiation skills with you. They’re likely to low-ball your car.

3. Car Rental Agencies

Did you know that there are car rental agencies that sell cars? You can buy used cars from Enterprise, Budget, and other agencies.

Their rentals are usually driven for a year or two. They sell these rentals as used cars, often slightly below full value.

How does that fit in with your plan to sell your car fast? These agencies act as separate dealerships. You can trade-in your car or sell it right to them.

There’s often little haggling when you buy or sell from rental agencies. They typically go with the Blue Book Value of the car to determine the fair value of the car.

4. Junk It

For sellers with junk cars, this can be a great way to sell your car fast for cash. If you hold onto the car to try to sell for parts, it can take a while to figure out which parts are worth selling and then sell them.

There are dealers like DamagedCars.com and Cash for Junk Cars that give you an estimate online, finalize the deal, and tow your car for you. It’s probably the fastest way to get cash for your car.

5. Use Your Car as a Trade-In

You can use your car as leverage if you want to purchase a new car. This is a good option if your car is in good condition.

The thing about trading in your car is that dealers want to give you as little value as possible for it. You can get it done faster than selling your car privately, but you will get less for it.  

What About Donations?

If you have a junk car that you just want to get rid of, you may consider donating your car to a non-profit organization. They tow the car away, and you get the tax write off.

It seems like a great deal. Except that it doesn’t always work out that way. You can’t claim the market value of the car unless you meet the IRS requirements.

It largely depends on what the non-profit does with the car. If they use the car instead of selling it is one example that lets you take the full deduction.

Prep Your Car for Sale

No matter how you decide which is the fastest way to sell a car, you need to prepare for the sale. The more prepared you are, the more money you can make from the sale.

Know the Value of the Car

This is the most important part of the preparation. You don’t want to set a price based on a gut feeling or what you think the car is worth.

Do your research by looking at other car sales in the area. You also have to be honest about the condition of the car and repairs that need to be made.

Get Your Paperwork

You need to be able to prove that you own the car before you sell it. That means getting the title and the repair history of the car.

Hang on to receipts that show when repairs and maintenance were completed on the car. This lets buyers know that the car has been taken care of.

Clean Out the Car

You don’t want to leave any presents like your personal information for your new owners to discover.

This is an important step if you’re going to sell the car privately. You have to think from a buyer’s perspective. Would you be interested in a car that had food crumbs, garbage, and coffee stains in the cup holders? Probably not.

Buyers who can see past the garbage will also want to lower the price of the car, even if the car runs great.

The Fastest Way to Sell a Car

Selling a car can be stressful, but if you prepare yourself for the sale, you can make money on the deal. The fastest way to sell a car depends on your situation.

If you have a junk car, you’ll want to consider selling it to a junk car for cash dealer. If your car is in good condition, you can use it as a trade-in or sell it yourself.

You have to do your homework and make sure that you know the fair market value of the car. That one piece of information can cost you a lot of time and money.

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