3 Simple Ways to Fund Your Self-Improvement

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The urge to improve your life is never arbitrary. It does not occur to you because it seems like a good idea.  

It arises out of pain. Things are not going well for you. You may not have enough money to pay your bills. You may have no relationships or relationships that are falling apart. You may have poor health.

This pain—angst arising from distressing circumstances—motivates your journey of wellness. You want to be well because things are not going well. You want relief from some type of suffering.

What do you have to do to improve your life? You have to change your ways. Specifically, you have to change your habitual ways of doing things. You have to drop destructive behaviors that are making things worse and replace them with their opposite—constructive behaviors that make things better.

One thing you will need to fund these personal development changes is more money. It is the fuel you need for your long journey, the fuel necessary to power your engine of change.

With that in mind, let us now turn our attention to figuring out ways to improve your financial situation so that you have more funds available to pay for the resources you need for your personal transformation.

How to Grow Your Income

  1.  Change how you spend money.

Turn costly habits into ones that better fit your budget.  For example, if you live in Chicago, smoking tobacco cigarettes is expensive.  It costs $10 per pack.  If you buy one pack a day, you will easily spend $300 a month. Alternatively, vaping only costs about $50 for 4 bottles of e liquid, which is enough to last a month. Buying the best e liquids & vape juice flavors will save you $250 a month. In essence, you will replace the urge to smoke tobacco with a substitute that will deliver the same or better experience at a far lower cost.

Changing from smoking to vaping is just one example of how changing your habits can have a positive effect on your budget. Think of other things that you are doing that are not serving you well and replace them with a cheaper alternative. For example, cooking your own healthy meals at home instead of eating unhealthy meals at restaurants will save you money and increase your nutrition.

  1. Change how you spend your time.

How you spend your time will determine how much money you make. 

If you make more money, you can spend it on adding a positive habit, like hiring a personal trainer and joining a gym.

Think of ways that you are not spending your time well. For instance, if you come home tired from work and then spend three hours in front of your television just decompressing from the pressures of the day, this is not exactly making the best use of your time.  

How can you turn this time into money? You could start a home-based business; perhaps, starting a blog where you help other people do better in life.

  1. Change what you know.

Regardless of what you do to earn a living, there is usually a way to earn more. Your earnings are based on the value you offer your employer or your customers. If you increase your knowledge and skills, then you will also increase your value. Now when you ask for more money, you are more likely to get it.  When you know more your employer can get clients with more lucrative projects.

Let’s suppose you work as a front-end developer for a large company. If you simply ask for a raise, you’re unlikely to get it. But if you study new programming languages online, then you will be able to ask for more responsibility. If your employer will not give you a raise, you can always search for a better paying job.

In summary, you will feel motivated to improve your life when things are not going well for you. The way to change is to drop bad habits and add good ones. To fund your quest for self-improvement, you will need to change your finances. You can improve your financial situation by finding healthier and cheaper alternatives for what you’re spending money on now, by making better use of your time, and by acquiring new professional knowledge and skills.

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