4 Tricks to Save When Online Shopping

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are starting to hit the malls and the crowds are forming and the lines are getting long. To skip the holiday stress of shopping, try shopping online! Here are 4 tricks to help you save when shopping online:

Sign up for emails: As much as you don’t want to fill up your already full email inbox, signing up for email reminders from your favorite online stores can help you save money. These emails are sent almost daily with special and sales you can’t miss out on. Typically large stores will host sales for those who are online as opposed in stores. If you are worried about cluttering up your inbox, create a separate email address.

Low to High: Online stores are designed to woo you in with their latest and newest arrival by placing it on the front landing page. But don’t let the newest arrival throw you off from a good deal. Go over to the product area you are interested in and click the option to price things from low to high. This will fine tune your search and show you the best deals first. Take it a step further and click the sale/clearance tab and do the same. You are bound to find something that is a steal!

Promo codes: Promo codes are tricky to come by. Typically they are not promoted as well as we wish would they would be. Check for promo announcements at the top or bottom of an email ad in the smaller print. These promo codes are rare but great when you can find them! Before clicking the purchase button on your online shopping bag, use Google and type in ‘store’s name promo code’. Try out the promo codes that are listed and use them!

Free shipping: Pay attention to shipping specials. Sometimes online stores will have 24 hours of free shipping on any product. Typically free shipping applies to a certain amount that you spend. Keep in mind normal shipping rates for standard delivery is $7-$12. Weigh your options and figure out what works best with your budget.

Don’t stress this holiday season and skip the bad traffic and cranky store clerks. Sit at home in your pj’s with a cup of coco and shop online! Remember to sign up for emails to get great deals, use the search criteria buttons to your advantage, Google promo codes and try to get free shipping!

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