5 Great Apps for New York Shopping

New York City

Whether you’re a paid up devotee of retail therapy, simply hooked on hunting for bargains or just enjoy the buzz of spending big bucks, New York, shopping mecca of the world, should be your first port of call.

By downloading these fantastic iPhone apps you’ll ensure you don’t miss a trick or a treat on the New York shopping scene…

Skyscanner, All Flights Everywhere

The first thing you’ll need to shop in NYC if flights to NYC! Find your perfect flights to New York with the super-fast and free Skyscanner app that compares millions of flights on over 600 airlines and allows you to find the cheapest dates and places to fly. You can search by exact date, month or year (as with the main website), share your flight details with friends, save them for later or go straight to the travel agent and book. It’s simple, independent and finds the lowest fares with a few quick taps. Look out New York!

New York City Shopping Guide

As soon as you’ve booked flights you’ll need an indispensable app like this that shows the avid shopper maps, addresses, information, photos and reviews of the best shops in New York City. Including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and many other glorious Fifth Avenue boutiques, you can use social media to make your friends green with envy as well as saving yourself valuable shopping time by knowing exactly where you’re heading when you arrive!

Exit Strategy NYC

New Yorker’s are always rushing around, probably because there are so many great shops to browse! Don’t get left behind trawling subways for the right exit only to find you’re miles away from the shop you were trying to reach. Exit Strategy NYC is a great app that is not only a comprehensive New York subway, bus and rail map, but also gives amazingly accurate information on which subway exits you need to use and where to stand on the subway to get to your destination in the shortest possible walking time.


Applicable to lots of the larger stores in New York, this app sends you messages as you walk around, floor by floor letting you know of great deals, bargains and offers or simply what can be found on which floor (useful given the gargantuan size of most NYC department stores).  You can even turn shopping into a game but collecting points every time you try on, scan or buy anything.

Google Shopping App

And where would we be without an app from Google? Although this app isn’t necessarily designed for those planning shopping trips to NY, it is handy for seeing how much things cost in each shop and more importantly whether they’re cheaper online or not. As with most Google Apps it’s free and easy-to-use and most importantly an excellent additional to your shopping artillery.

And most importantly, don’t forget to bookmark your favorite shopping blog before you go!

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