5 Online Shopping Hacks for the Truly Frugal

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5 Online Shopping Hacks for the Truly Frugal

Coupon clipping may be of the past, but there are plenty of ways for consumers to save in one of the fastest growing areas of commerce these days, which is online retail. From clothing and shoe purchases to groceries, airline flights and personal services, deals can be had on nearly any online purchase as long as the individual knows how to work the system.

Try these five great hacks for scoring the best deal, and individuals will have plenty of money left over to use on themselves, save or donate to a favorite cause.

5 Online Shopping Hacks

  1. Clear Cookies

Many online stores use a process known as dynamic pricing to give certain customers higher prices based on how much they have purchased in the past and how big of a demand there currently is for the desired product.

While this may seem like blackmail to many unsuspecting customers, there is a way to get around it. Before making a big purchase, such as for an airline flight or a hotel reservation, shoppers should clear their browsing histories and cookies so that sites no longer remember them. Some browsers may offer incognito browsing.

  1. Shop Before the Weekend

Almost every product has a certain day when it is offered most cheaply. While many individuals have heard of this savings option when searching for airline flights, it is also true for most other retail purchases.

In general, online stores offer the best savings on Tuesdays through Thursdays when they mark down products before the weekend hits. Tuesday is the hands-down favorite for the start of new discount codes offered by many retailers.

  1. Subscribe to Daily Deal Alerts

Some websites do most of the dirty work for consumers so that all individuals have to do is click on their favorite bargains. For example, GroopDealz culls the best of the best of current deals online and sends them in a list to subscribers. Check out GroopDealz reviews to get a sense of their high satisfaction rates.

Deal categories range from home products to clothing and accessories. Shoppers should be sure to click on their desired deals as soon as they see them because many do not last for long.

  1. Wait to Purchase

Although it can be difficult to wait on making an online purchase because the World Wide Web typically offers instant gratification, many shoppers see great discounts if they wait a day or two before finalizing purchases.

Several online stores will send out discounts or offer free shipping within 24 to 48 hours of placing an item in the cart. To take advantage of this type of offer, shoppers should be logged into their accounts on the Website, should put their desired items into the online cart and should close out the browser window.

  1. Ask for a Price Adjustment

Many online retailers long to make their customers happy and will agree to price match against certain other retailers. Some even agree to provide customers with price reductions if the purchased product goes on sale within a week or two of completing the purchase.

This allows consumers to purchase the product while it is still in stock and ensure that they are getting the best price. Additionally, many stores will give significant reductions if a product arrives damaged.

The longer one shops online, the easier it gets to find new ways to score great deals. While stacking coupon codes and signing up for store emails are obvious ways to find great savings, shoppers can work the system a bit by knowing when to shop, how to best use the browser and how to get a favorite store to give the needed discount to make a product affordable.

Saving money can be quite easy when shoppers regularly use these five clever shopping hacks.

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