8 Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

8 Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

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8 Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

One aspect of life that’s sure to hold you back from what you could be is low self-esteem. It’s not a pleasant feeling and often makes you feel uncomfortable when alone and in social situations. You end up isolating and keeping yourself at a distance to avoid hurt or embarrassment.

This is no way to live; remember, you deserve better. That’s why it’s time to turn around your outlook and start getting excited about who you are and what you have to offer. Be glad to know there are ways for you to get over this hump and move on with your life in confidence. It’s time to take back control and not let others or your negative thought patterns tell you what you are.

Make A List of what you like about yourself

Remember that even underneath all of your worry and doubt, there’s a beautiful person waiting to emerge. You have a lot of positive qualities, and they should be celebrated. Explore who you truly are and what you bring to the table by making a list of what you enjoy about yourself and that you find attractive. It could be anything at all, and keep in mind that there aren’t right or wrong answers. Journal this information and read it daily to get your mind in a better place.

Take Pride in your Appearance

What you look like doesn’t define who you are, but it’s good to have a positive outlook of yourself regarding your appearance. Check out www.skinstyleglobal.com skincare products that will help you feel radiant, be happy and project confidence. You’ll be glowing and unstoppable when your skin is flawless. In addition to taking care of your skin, pay attention to your hair, nails and how you dress. It’s a good idea to wear what you feel comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or pattern once in a while and express another side of yourself. If you’re nervous, take small steps that slowly build to large leaps. Start with foundation and blush, then add highlighter and mascara. Once you’re truly confident in yourself, think eyeshadow and lipstick. Do whatever it is that’ll make you proud of who you are!

Hang out with New Friends

Your self-esteem could be lacking because of who you’re hanging out with. Always surround yourself with people who are caring, loving and lift you up. You don’t need to waste your time with those who don’t have your best interest in mind. Find a new group of friends to hang out with and notice how quickly you’re back to your old self. You’ll likely be laughing and smiling again in no time. It’s important to connect with people who understand you, are cheering you on and are always there for you. It’s up to you to go seek those connections out and rid your life of the people who only make you feel miserable.

Find your Strengths

While it’s good to take up new hobbies, make sure you’re finding ones that are challenging and also play to your strengths. Doing a new activity that’s impossible for you to grasp will only frustrate you more and lower your self-esteem. Whether it’s at work, home or when you’re out with friends, participate in events and projects that make you feel good and highlight what you do best. You’ll instantly notice a confidence boost and won’t be as down on yourself as you have been in the past. Know that there are free tests online you can take to find your strengths or ask for feedback from others.

Exercise, Eat Right & Meditate

The point is that you have to take care of yourself if you want to overcome low self-esteem. You have to get your mind, body and spirit in a healthy place before you can expect to feel good. This includes getting daily exercise, meditating or doing yoga and eating a nutritious diet. It’s possible your self-esteem is suffering because you’re too busy taking care of others and worrying about their life. It’s not selfish to focus on your own wellbeing. In fact, it’s necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. Move yourself to the top of your priority list and see how quickly your attitude and outlook changes for the better.

Stop Judging

It doesn’t matter if it’s judgments you’re making about yourself or others, doing so isn’t healthy, and it’s hurting your self-esteem. Each time you judge you’re putting a label on a person or situation and it’s likely causing some turmoil or negative feelings inside you. Instead of judging all the time, explore, be curious and stay open-minded to whatever may come your way. Use the time you used to spend judging to create and practice positive thinking skills. Judging brings with it a lot of negativity that you don’t need in your life.  

Let go

Hanging on only keeps you attached to the past. Start accepting that the past is gone and can’t be changed. Whatever mistakes or blunders you made are behind you now, and it’s time to move on. Letting go allows you to see that your future is bright and you’re fine the way you are in the present moment. Doing this will raise your self-esteem because you’ll stop beating yourself up for past errors. Give yourself a break and know that you’re human and have the right to mess up.

Show Compassion toward yourself

Start being kinder to yourself each day. Go get a massage on the weekend or find a good book that keeps your interest. There’s no reason to always be producing and dragging yourself to activities and events you don’t want to go to. Be compassionate toward yourself and start welcoming it into your life. Your self-esteem can’t improve until you love yourself and believe in yourself. Treat yourself with respect and others will too.


There’s nothing wrong with being down on yourself or having low self-esteem. All it means is that an opportunity exists for you to get to a better place and feel happy. Use these recommendations to help you get started and find peace in your life again. You’re perfect the way you are, but you have to start recognizing it yourself and living to the fullest.   

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  1. Love oneself. Low esteem may lead to depression hence if I am feeling down, I think of happy moments that can erase the gloom on my face and will be replaced by a smile instead.

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