A Few Great Tips for Saving Money

Being able to save money is important to any family. Without money in your savings account you may not be able to take that next family vacation. There is almost always a major purchase you are planning for, or even an unexpected expense that makes saving so important. Here are a few money saving tips to help you build up your savings account.

How Emails Can Help

Nobody likes to get SPAM in their email. It is annoying and nine times out of ten the content of that spam mail doesn’t even interest you. However, joining the email distribution list as your favorite stores can save you money. Many retailers are now requesting your email address when you checkout. It is easy to quickly say, “No thank you,” but you may be leaving free money on the table. The email that retailers send you will usually include money saving tips, or even an online coupon offering deep discounts on your next purchase. These coupons are typically exclusive to those individuals on the retailer’s email distribution list. You can easily save $25 or more by simply giving out your email address.

Providing your email address each time you make a purchase at the same store can even help you to receive targeted offers. For instance, if you purchase a special brand of jeans each time you go shopping, the retailer may offer you a special promotion on that particular brand of jeans. The reason retailers are willing to do this is simple. They already know they have a product you like, but it’s doubtful you go to their store and only purchase that one item. By offering you a special promotion on your favorite item they can get you back in the store to purchase additional items. This is where our second money saving tip will help.

Make a List

Always make a list before you go shopping, and do not deviate from that list. Also do not forget to include the coupons you'll be using. For example, when going to the grocery store, plan a menu for the week. Be sure to take inventory of the items already in your pantry to prevent a duplicate or unnecessary purchase. You can even make a game out of saving money. Start with a $100 budget one week, and then see if you can plan the second week’s menu for under $100. Saving money doesn’t have to be boring and it will be easier if you can get creative and make it fun. It will also help if you eat dinner before going to the grocery store. Shopping on an empty stomach will make more items seem appealing to you. Unfortunately, a grocery store generally does not accept returns.

The last money saving tip may seem like an odd one. Never go shopping as a means of therapy. Whether you want to go celebrate, or you had a horrible day, going shopping during an emotional time will have you making purchases you do not necessarily need. Don’t ruin a great day, or let a bad day get worse with a case of buyer’s remorse.

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