How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Online Shop

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Online Shop

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Last updated on April 7, 2021

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Online Shop

There are several reasons why a pre-built eCommerce platform might seem attractive to you than hiring developers to put up a completely new one for you. Although the biggest factor is the user-friendly set up and potential to work directly with a community of other online store owners.

The eCommerce platform industry is really a big one, there are huge selections of available choices – some might have a basic feel to them, while others might feel incredibly cluttered, but provide more affordable rates.

You can expect to encounter beginner challenges when choosing your very first eCommerce platform, but right out of the bat – this are the questions you need to be asking yourself:

  • Stock Size: Always take into account your size of stock, and any time you're browsing for a store platform ensure you're paying the smallest sum for the services that you want. A lot of businesses offer alternate payment options for only a few products.
  • Digital or Physical: This is usually the question to ask, what exactly are you selling? Digital or physical products? It makes all the difference when considering shipping costs, consider platforms that perfectly fit your product requirements.
  • Payment Method: If you have problems with using PayPal you need to consider making plans, as not all eCommerce platforms support 3rd party payment processors.
  • Self-Hosted or Hosted: If you feel confident changing the look of your online store on routine basis, check out platforms that will make it easier to have a self-hosted version of the store. In any case, a good number of eCommerce platforms offer the option to change your store within a live environment.
  • Payment Plan: Finally, select the platform that perfectly matches your budget. Search for options to pay monthly amounts rather than giving a little percentage of a sale to the company that is hosting your platform.

Now, all that is left to do is to choose the most in-demand eCommerce platforms on the market today, and start working with it – until you get something that clicks. Let us take a look at the top three.

Shopify is ideal for selling clothing, furniture and digital publications.

In 2013, Shopify secure a seed funding of $100 million USD, which positions them in the lead against the competition when it comes to finances to use for building new technology, and accessing new markets.

If you want to start an online store for selling clothes, digital publications, or furniture –  Shopify is definitely the best option. Why? Shopify’s extensive themes and addons are to some extent specifically targeted to those types of stores, and there are currently a large number of customers doing exactly the same thing.

The actual benefit is the community support you are going to get in case of any challenge that might at the setup and post-setup task, the most affordable plan starts at $14/month, while the professional cost $79/month and allows you to start selling within a few minutes.

Volusion can help you sell equipment, household furniture and almost everything outdoors.

It is practically like a rule that each eCommerce platform will attempt to provide support for different sections of goods to sell. In this instance, if you want to open a store for selling bikes, foods or modern household furniture – Volusion's is a preferable option to all other platforms.

Volusion's shopping cart software incorporates features for product merchandising, site design, SEO, as well as order processing. Volusion additionally offers other services such as domain names, credit card processing, fraud protection, etc.

Volusion is a haven for more than 50,000 store owners and has an excellent history, while additionally providing private shopping cart software for serious customers. Prominent clients include Disney and Motorola.

Check them out here: https://www.volusion.com/

WooCommerce can help you keep it classy

This is only for people who feel really adventurous and are ready to take on a challenge. The WooCommerce WordPress plugin is absolutely free; however it will come at a cost of finding out how to set it up, how to design themes for a whole new store and how to build singular plugins to improve your newly built store. These things come at a price, and generally scare beginner away.

Check them out here: https://woocommerce.com/

Selecting the most appropriate ecommerce platform has never been easier, we ought to have lots of knowledge to choose the right platform for our own online store.

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