Consumer Reports Best Credit Cards

The Best Credit Cards

I swear I had the latest issue of Consumer Reports Magazine sitting right here on my desk so I could share the top rated credit cards (they analyzed hundreds), but it has mysteriously disappeared*.  So I googled them (I google everything) and came across The Frugal Duchess blog** that beat me to the punch. Do you carry one of the best credit cards?

Best credit cards for low-rate/low-fee

Capital One Platinum Prestige
Clear from American Express
Iberiabank Visa Classic

Best cash-back credit cards

Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards
Chase Freedom Visa
Discover More

Best gas credit cards

Chase PerfectCard MasterCard
Discover Open Road

Worst credit cards to avoid

(if you have one of these credit cards listed below, I suggest cutting it up and applying for one of the cards listed above!)
First Premier Bank
HSBC American DreamCard
New Millennium Visa or MasterCard

Find the perfect credit card for your lifestyle at

*Ok, so I admit my desk (ok, my whole office) is a mess.  Now you know why I haven't gotten a new webcam for my Mailbox Mondays videos – this ancient one blurs out the mess quite nicely.

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