Don’t Break the Bank: How to Have Great Meals On a Budget

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It appears in most cases that fresh food can be a lot more expensive than processed food. The main reason behind this trend is that processed food is either made with corn or corn syrup or perhaps that the food in question has been canned. Both options mean that the food you are eating is not nearly as healthy nor as nutritious as it could be. However, when you are on a strict budget, this can mean that your own option is to stick with food that is inherently unhealthy.

You’ll be happy to know, though, that you can easily enjoy delicious meals, no matter what budget you have. Spices alone can work wonders when improving a meal, but if you really want to enjoy great meals on a budget, consider the following.

Plan Recipes by Ingredients

Buying fresh food can be expensive because we rarely use it all, meaning we end up with lots of wasted food and potential, as well as a bigger grocery bill. This is why one great way to make the most of what you use is to plan recipes in advance, and making sure you stick to the recipe and what you have in your fridge. On a Sunday night, plan your meals and buy ingredients. Find recipes for some of your favorites such as a classic beef pie, and plan which night you’ll eat this particular meal. Then, prepare the food and store it, so that you can easily cook the meal after a long day’s work.

Make All Food in Advance

Another great way to eat well on a budget is to use all of the ingredients that you have. This means no food goes to waste and that you benefit the most from healthy and nutritious meals. Of course, another barrier to healthy living on a budget is time and energy. If you work late throughout the week, then the last thing you want to do is go home and cook. This means you might pick up fast food on the way home or rely on a ready meal that requires zero preparation. Instead of doing this, take a day off on the weekend to prepare healthy meals you can eat throughout the week.

Making food in advance means you can enjoy the convenience of a ready meal, but the benefits of the taste and nutrition offered from home-cooked meals. You could even make cooking into a social event, and invite friends over so that you can all work on creating meals for your workweek.

Getting Ingredients Cheaper

Of course, certain ingredients are more expensive than others. An example of a certain food being more expensive is because the produce isn’t sourced locally. You can reduce costs by shopping at farmer’s markets during the on-season. Farmer’s markets often have very good deals on produce that is fresher than those you can find in-store. When it is winter, opt for frozen foods. Contrary to popular belief, frozen food can actually have more nutrition than their fresh counterparts, depending on how long the fresh food has been in transit. Both are great ways to lower your food costs and enjoy healthy food at the same time.

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